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Indian Hill Club Opening Day 2020
Wednesday, June 3rd

Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>

It’s official! The Indian Hill Club will open for the 2020 season on Wednesday, June 3rd!
The Club's regular operating hours will be from 10am-8:30pm daily*
Once we open, we will need to strictly comply with the Health Department’s rules and regulations.  We have a lot to do before next Wednesday.  In addition to preparing the physical pools, we are working on systems for reservations, bringing in additional cleaning supplies, and training our staff.  Thank you for your patience.  
If, under the current guidelines, you would like to elect to suspend your membership for this season, you can do so at this time by emailing the club.
Otherwise, your Membership dues (or the balance thereof) will be due by June 2nd and your account has been prorated/updated for your dues payment. All member dues include a reduction due to the later season start date. Your membership will need to be paid in full prior to your first trip to the pool this season. 

What do I need to do right now?

  1. sign into your member account on the IH Club website 
  2. review your account information, checking and updating member names and birthdates
  3. complete the Covid-19 waiver (which is an insurance policy requirement for the Club) for each adult member.
  4. Click on the link to take you to the payment screen 

Below you will find a list of “Frequently Asked Questions.” We believe this list is responsive to the most frequent inquiries we’ve received as well as providing information regarding some of the restrictions we are required to implement and to which the Club must manage.   
Will there be a time limit on our stay (time slots/blocks)?
Yes. There will be four (4) daily time blocks during the 10am-8:30pm operating hours. To make the most efficient use of the available time, the time blocks will be organized as follows:

Daily Time Block #1 10 - 11:30am   (1 hr 30 mins)     
Daily Time Block #2 12 -  2:30pm  (2 hrs 30 mins
Daily Time Block #3   3 -  5:30pm  (2 hrs 30 mins
Daily Time Block #4   6 -  8:30pm  (2 hrs 30 mins

Why are there time slots?
To maintain compliance with Health Department regulations, every surface of the facility must be wiped down every 2-2.5 hours. To do this safely and efficiently, all members must vacate the facility and the Club staff will clean and prepare for the transition to the next time slot. 
Will there be any accommodations for our higher risk members? 
Yes. The Club will make the lap pool available for use by members aged 60+, and those memberships which may include high risk or vulnerable members, from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. This time slot is prior to the facility opening to the general membership. While these “before normal Club operating hours” time slots do not require a reservation, they are reserved for the members classified in this section.
Will members need to make reservations to come to the pool during normal operating hours? 
Yes. To maintain compliance and capacity directives, we will require that members SIGN UP for a time slot to visit the pool.  This is because there is a maximum capacity in our pool facilities as dictated by the Health Department.  
Which areas at the Club can be used for our family/belongings?
We have created distinct “pods” for our members to use across the club’s pool decks and grounds.
What is a pod? 
The pods will have one of four different configurations: 

  1. An Upper Pool Pod. This configuration includes two chairs and a side table and allows the member to bring 1 folding chair of their own (if desired). Upper Pool Pods are found under the upper shade structures and the pool deck immediately in front of the picnic area;
  2. Lower Pool Pod.  This configuration also consists of two chairs and a side table (with option of 1 additional folding chair. But, it will be located pool-side at the lower pool by the lower shade structures or lowertennis courts. A Lower Pool Pod does not restrict use to the lower pool, but you will not have visibility of the upper pool from your chairs. 
  3. A Picnic Table Pod. This is a picnic table on the upper pool deck (with umbrella) or a picnic table in the picnic area; 
  4. A Designated Space to Make-Your-Own Pod. The Club has defined areas for those of you who wish to bring your own chairs (up to 4) and/or a small table. These pods will be located behind the shade structure at the lower, lap pool; you can also bring a pop-up canopy (no larger than 10x10).

You will sign up for both a specific time slot/block and a specific pod type so that you can be prepared in advance of your visit to the pool. 
All pods are spaced appropriately from the next so please keep all tables/chairs, as set up by the Club, within the pod you reserve.
There are 40 pods that can be reserved per time slot/block.
We will provide further explanation this weekend once our procedures and the reservation system setup have been finalized.

What about social distancing?
The Club asks that, and provides all available opportunities for, its members to maintain social distance from those not in their household. While there will be lifeguards and managers on duty at all times, it is ultimately the responsibility of the member to follow all rules and ensure that you/your children are maintaining distance from friends/other members. Managers will have the right to ask any member to leave who is not complying with rules and regulations.  Further, we understand that individual member families may be allowing another specific family to be closer than the recommended social distancing, however, when coming to the Club, each membership is still expected to reserve its own pod.   

Will we be required to wear masks? Have our temperature checked? 
Yes. Members who have been sick or have experienced symptoms should not come to the Club, and neither should anyone in a family where someone in that family has been sick or has had symptoms.   We will temperature check all members and staff daily upon arrival.   The temperature checks are for the benefit of both the membership at large and the staff which, in the event of an emergency, would be expected to perform CPR. We also ask members to wear masks when near the entrance or concessions and bathrooms.  Masks are not allowed to be worn in the pool.   
Will I be limited in the # of times I can sign up to come to the pool? 
Yes. We will limit the number of times you can sign up in advance so that all members have the opportunity to reserve a slot.  However, we will allow you to sign up for a second slot in the day if it is not filled within one hour of the start of the time slot.
Will lap lanes be available? 
Yes. We do not initially anticipate requiring formal reservations for lap lanes. During your block of time, you can feel free to use one of our 8 swim lanes. The Club requests that you limit your lane time to 1 hour. If a lane is unavailable, we recommend you sign in with the on-duty lifeguard at the lap pool. Members of the same family are welcome to share a lane.
Will restrooms be available? 
Yes. Restroom facilities will be open for use.  Showers will not be open and we recommend and ask that people come and leave in their swim suits instead of changing on site. 
Will food be available? 
Yes. We will have limited concessions available, mainly consisting of prepackaged foods and drinks. We do not anticipate any hot food options at this time.   All concessions will be member account charge only. i.e. no cash. Members remain welcome to bring their own food and drink (no glass please) and the grills will be available for use. The Club will continue to supply the propane gas tanks for the grills, but you must provide your own grilling utensils/tools.
Will the baby pool be open? 
Yes. We plan to have the baby pool available this summer with a pod or 2 set up within the baby pool fenced area.  
Can I bring a guest to the pool? 
No. We will not be allowing any guests at the pool this summer. 
Can I drop my kids off at the pool? 
Children under 16 will be required to be accompanied by a caregiver or family member who is 16 years or older.   Caregiver memberships are available and will be required for any babysitter / nanny (i.e., non-family member) that will be attending.   Your children will be able to come with another member at your discretion. 
Will there be a swim team? 
No.  Traditional swim team will not happen this summer.   Once the pool is open, we may offer clinics and private or semi-private lessons. Any such lessons will be “no contact” and coaches will not be in the water with the swimmer.
Will there be a dive team? 
Yes. Not a traditional dive team, but we will have dive clinics with the potential for intra-squad meets and/or virtual meets later in the year.  Any such clinics will be “no contact” and coaches will not be on the board assisting the diver.Details and registration will be available once the pool is open. Clinics will take place in the evenings.  
Will tennis be accessible? 
Yes. The Club is following the USTA guidelines and currently tennis play is limited to four players per court. You will have access to the lower 3 tennis courts during your time slot so long as no programming is underway at that time. 
The upper 2 tennis courts near the parking lot will be accessible by registration for 2-hour blocks of time. The gate to those courts will be unlocked at the ramp from the parking lot during Club operating hours, but guests using those courts will not have direct access to the pool or other facilities from those courts.  
We will not have a tennis key club this summer. Anyone who has currently elected to be a key Club member and paid will be refunded. 
Will there be tennis clinics for kids or adults? 
At this time, it has not been determined whether clinics will be available. However, we will have access to private or semi-private lessons and the courts will be available for use. 
Will there be the regular “check out” sports equipment? 
No.  You will be able to bring your own equipment. This includes goggles, basketballs, tennis balls, or games.
The Club is, however, considering a possible seasonal check-out for kickboards which the member will return at the end of the season.

Will the Playground be open? 
No. The playground will remain closed at this time. 
Will there be a lost and found? 
No. Items left at the pool will be held through the end of the day and then discarded.

Thank you for your continued support,
Your IH Club Board and Staff

*Operating hours may be subject to change based on Governor/Health Department Directive and/or Guard & Staff Availability in August/September.

Copyright © 2020 IH Swim and Tennis Club, All rights reserved.

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