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In today's Hooks & Slices;


The Annual General Meeting of the Drouin Golf and Country Club will be held next
in the Cuthbertson
Function Room starting at
7.00 P.M.
You can download the formal Notice of Meeting here.


There will be a Special General Meeting of the Drouin Golf and Country Club next
in the Cuthbertson Function Room starting at
6.30 p.m.
You can download the form Notice of Meeting here.
Members unable to attend and wishing to "Vote by Proxy"can download the Proxy Voting Form here.


It’s important for us to chase Sponsorship dollars, not the least of which is to maximise sponsor exposure and free up some funds to deliver on those projects and budget line items we have allocated against sponsorship income.
We have our first Corporate partner signed up and are still looking for a further two. We have 5 of the 18 we need for the Club Sponsor packages and 1 of the 18 Club Supporter packages taken up.

Thank you to those who have already picked up a copy of the Sponsorship Packages from the Clubhouse and hopefully contacted someone you know or more likely a business, who you believe may be a potential Sponsor.

We need to know who they are, so the Club can deal with them on a formal basis and get a signed agreement. The agreement spells out both the benefits the Sponsor will receive and the obligations on the Club in delivering those benefits.

In developing the packages, we were very conscious of that old adage of “what the market will bear” and we’re confident that the package offerings and the benefits to business and individuals at all three Sponsorship Levels 
  • Corporate Partner,
  • Club Sponsor and
  • Club Supporter, are realistic.
  • if you have a lead, then we need to hear it.
  • If you have a contact, we need to know their details.
  • If you want to be one of our Sponsors, we need to deal – now.
If you require a package to follow up a potential sponsor, please let our Manager know who can organise a copy for you.
If you are following up, please have the application form filled out and hand into Sylvia for processing or if you would like either Richard or Debbie to follow up on your behalf please let them know.

Debbie Brown
Treasurer DGCC


Treasurer Debbie Brown is preparing a report on the Club's financial position following the Information Evening held earlier this week.

It will be in your emai inbox soon, so keep an eye out. 🙁🙁


This week we received our allotment of Rules Books for the 2019 season.

Every golfing member has been assigned 1 book, plus an information sheet detailing the key changes to the rules.

These can be picked up free of charge from the pro shop from tomorrow (September 22nd).

Most of you will be aware that there is to be significant changes to the Rules of Golf starting on January 1st, 2019.

To avoid the possibility of being penalised, while also decreasing the chances of disputes, I encourage all of those golfers who are regular competition players to take the time to study up on all the significant changes that are being enforced.

Further more, most of these rules changes are designed to speed up play, to which many can be used to the golfers advantage. That in itself should be a good enough reason to ensure we are all up to speed with the new rules in preparation for when the come into play.

Ryan Hammon
Golf Captain DGCC


Ball lost in Ground Under Repair (GUR).

While the race track was being renovated the club correctly introduced a Local Rule declaring that this work would be GUR.

When the grass gets quite long it is sometimes difficult to find your ball.

Sometimes it is simply lost.

A number of players are unaware that a ball lost in GUR is not subject to penalty.

GUR is defined in the Definitions under “ Abnormal Ground Condition”.

It must be known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found in GUR is in fact in the Abnormal Condition.

A player may take relief under 25-1c without penalty by determining the spot where the ball last crossed the outermost limits of the Abnormal Ground Condition – the ball is deemed to lie at this spot & relief may be taken without penalty by dropping a ball within one club length of this spot no nearer the hole etc. See the full context under Rule 25-1.

Lea Caldwell


Our Women played on Thursday this week because of the Green Renovations.
The seniors had to stand aside, although some of the men played before the field.


The women couldn’t play on the course so adjourned to Leanne’s
place for lunch and a comp playing very suspect balls to was nigh-on impossible, but some were heard to say it did great things for their swing on Thursday.
Thursday and well what else can you say...the greens were cored and sanded. Heaps of complaining about trying to read the speed, lines and bumps!... and I had only just started getting the hang of the greens last week. And yet the scores were good.
A Grade : Anne Neilson with 34.  The runner up was Kaye Feaver on 33 on a countback. B Grade winner: Olive Reid with 32 on a countback. Down the line balls went to Wendy Hitchins, Glenda Warren and Helen. 
NTP on the 5th was Marg Rowe, on the 8th Dagmar Forbes and on the 10th Kaye Feaver who collected the Pro Pin as well.
Next Tuesday is Stableford sponsored by Christa Maydem.

Personal Guest Day

Personal Guest day is on 9th of October and all women are asked to bring a guest for the day...time sheet in women’s room.

Warragul Tournament

We are also reminded to join the Warragul Tournament next week... 4BBB on Monday and stroke on Wednesday.

The more we support other clubs the more likely they will be to support our events.

Golf - by any other name

  • 18 irregular intervals of frustration mixed with several columns of poor arithmetic.
  • A game you spend lots of money on the best equipment and then spend your time trying to use them as little as possible.
AND....... someone you know may have a putter problem ... never satisfied with their putter as it doesn’t work … their putts don’t go in. But a Sunshine Coast dealer has 2175 putters stored in his shed named the 20th hole. He also makes his own in an attempt to get the perfect putter.

Catriona Fergusson


We recently had another complaint regarding a Member urinating out of the course which was visible roadside by a car with children in it.
This was on a competition day, so Members need to remember, such behaviour in unacceptable.

As I reported in July;

There are 2 toilets out on the course – near the 5th green as you head off toward the 6th and the other between the 11th green and the carry-way for the 12th. (There’s even a third one back along the track from the 4th tee that’s still operational.)

We can all get “caught short” and sometimes the need is pressing. If you are in this position, “go bush” and get out of sight. Heaven knows there’s enough trees on the course – I’ve lost a ball behind most of them.

On a more serious note; urinating in a public place comes under the Summary Offences act and fines can be imposed, and a conviction recorded.

That’s a handicap none of us want.

Richard Snare
Chairman DGCC


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