Data Scientists, say hello to the Da.Re. Intellectual Output 3!

After 3 years of activity, the Da.Re. followers are getting used to our way of re-imagining education. We introduced the “Data Science Bridge Specialist” during the first year of activity for the project. The Bridge Specialists have been trained during the Phase 2 of the project using the “Da.Re. Fishbone”, characterized by the Basics of Data Science, the Data Preparation, the Analysis and the Visualization.
We are now proud to introduce the General Architecture of Data Science we studied to organize the 3rd and final Intellectual Output of the Da.Re. project called “Model and Recommendations for a Data Science Curriculum”.

The Intellectual Output 3 (I.O.3, available for download at our download section of the Da.Re. website) uses the knowledge and information obtained by the Da.Re. Consortium to suggest what we think could be a new way for training Data Scientists in the future.

First of all, Data comes from the real world but the do not are exactly THE real world. In this way Data Scientists must build their domain knowledge and apply their science to real cases.
This is the first reason why we started our training process from the problems of the organizations, looking for the places in which data have their origin.
Secondly, being such a new field, Data Science is subject to constant change.
For this reason, in order to crate a strong proposal for a new curriculum we wanted to shape a content freezing the learning outcomes while leaving the list of subjects in constant update.
Of course, we finally suggested our idea for the full content of a Curriculum for a Master’s Degree to be applied immediately in the Universities participating to the project and throughout the EU and we believe that Maths, Statistics and Computing are the 3 main pillars on which building the training path.
We did not forget ethics, since we consider Data as something strictly related to the power to influence the world.

And with great power comes great responsibility!

We are happy to present our proposal to you all, enjoy it!

Download our Intellectual Outputs and find your way to Data Science!

Da.Re. project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme. Contract no. 2016-1-IT02-KA203-024645 - KA2 HEI.
This communication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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