Data Sciencing across Europe!

The work done with more than 30 months of activities is now giving its results: the Da.Re. partners organized the Multiplier Events in 3 different countries involved in the project.

The 10th of May 2019 was the day of Slovenia!

In Koper, Famnit’s doors opened to the broader community for the presentation of all the Master’s programmes and projects in which the researchers are active into.

Among the novelties planned for the Academic year 2019/20, the MSc study programme Data Science is definitely the one that is arousing students’ interest. But researchers and professors at UP FAMNIT have a rich history of experience in this interdisciplinary field that leverages knowledge in three key areas: computer science, mathematics, and domain knowledge. And consequently, the Open day was the perfect occasion for presenting the Erasmus+ project Da.Re.

Students, candidates, and also representatives of different business companies that are dealing with data have joined the presentation of the project which was provided by Assist. Prof. Branko Kavšek, PhD, who offered an elaborate explanation of the project goals and activities that have been organized in the past years by project partners – companies and educational organisations from Italy, Serbia, Portugal, Great Britain and Slovenia.

The meeting was intended to start a discussion about the state of arts in the field, therefore after the presentation of the new study programme, students and other participants had the chance to learn not only about the pillar contents of the programme which offers the knowledge for the education of any future scientists, since the most interesting part was when representatives of companies and our data scientists started to share their experiences which evolved in a deep discussion about current trends and the high demand of data science practitioners. In fact, start-ups and well-established companies, along with researchers and policy makers, increasingly rely on data to drive and support decision making. As a consequence, data scientists are valued in various employment environments such as research institutions, IT companies, banks, insurance companies, transport organizations, and other businesses which produce data in increasing quantities.

This is why it is crucial that companies and educational institutions run strong cooperation in order to design new trends and provide results as the ones offered by Da.Re.

The 14th of May 2019 we had the occasion to be presented in Portugal!

The Instituto Politecnico de Braganca took advantage of the Erasmus Week event, that occurred during the 13th-17th of May, to present the project and its main objectives to the large and international audience of professors, students and researchers.

During the presentation of the project brochures and QR codes with access to the download area of the project were disseminated, raising a lot of interest around the project.

After the general presentation, our event took place at the facilities of CeDRI (Research Centre in Digitalisation and Intelligent Robotics) were the results from the three years of work in the Da.Re. project was presented. The interest in the importance of the role and training of the Data Scientist in the future of the business and research was the core of the discussion during the event.

The 17th of May we finally landed to Italy!

The opportunity given to our project was the Confindustria Marketplace, the biggest event organized every year by Confindustria Marche Nord in the city of Ancona for disseminating the best initiatives in place in the Italian Marche Region.

We had the opportunity to present the results obtained by our project during these 3 years of activity not only using the voice of the Coordinator but also counting on the knowledge and skills of our external evaluator, Professor Norberto Patrignani.

The audience was made of different kind of participants: professionals, managers, students, professors but most of all, representatives of SMEs.

The book created by Da.Re. for training Data Science Bridge Specialists generated the wider interest among the stakeholders.

Once again, with the 3 Multipliers in Italy, Portugal and Slovenia we managed to organize complementary events, involving the audience in different aspects touched by the project initiatives during the period spent from 2016 till now.

Did you participate one of the events? Let us know something about them on Facebook or Twitter.
You did not participate them? Do not worry! All the material produced is available for download!

Enjoy it and thank you for helping us re-imagining education!

Download our Intellectual Outputs and find your way to Data Science!

Da.Re. project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme. Contract no. 2016-1-IT02-KA203-024645 - KA2 HEI.
This communication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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