12-20th August
Working retreat led by Sona
Like the good old days, good honest work, meditation, tea ceremony and puja in the company of very experienced Order Members.

If somebody told me I'd have the honour of hosting something like this in my home a year ago, I wouldn't have believed my good fortune!

We got limited spaces so do send us an email if you'd like to join (and feel free to forward this email to a friend that may be interested)

About the retreat

We'll release a program closer to the time but we expect to have a few people join us for most or all of the retreat, we can offer accommodation to 3-4 people.

If you live in Brighton, be great if you can do more consecutive days to keep more of the retreat spirit

We aim at completing this two projects:
1) Converting the garage into guest accommodation (to allow us to have more retreats and guests coming in)
2) Making the lounge into a beautiful Tea/Shrine room
As usual we'll meditate, work and eat together

Sona is one of those people I'm really worried writing a bio about, as he's been doing so much stuff there's no way I'll remember everything... so I'll just write my impressions of him instead

Sona is a man. He is a friend, not just to me but to many. He is very unassuming and humble. He leads by doing what is right.
If you missed it, click here for the project vision page
Heroes of the Two Weeks

Indrabodhi and David - a hard day dismantling what will become the garden shrine room, I'm amazed by their cunning and strength!
Scot - reliable as usual, makes our pipes finally drain and install emergency socket

Other Thanks
There's so many people that help out the cause in a way or another every week that it's near impossible not forgetting anyone!
But please know: we are deeply, deeply grateful to you!
David and Indrabodhi dismantling the new shrine room from somebody's else garden
Piece by piece, it took us a full day just to dismantle it - this beauty of a summerhouse it's currently sitting in the garage while we dig a base for it in the garden
Mysterious (and relatively friendly) animals come visit Kalyanaloka
Where once stood a huge pile of green, now stands a firepit!
(Come over for a veggie bbq next time we burn garden waste ;)
Generosity is contagious! Our allotment neighbours brought us fennel!
Can you believe that for 3 weeks we did laundry by manually unloading a few buckets in an outside drain?
That's everything for today! Anything you'd like to say, just reply to this email

As usual, feel free to forward this email to a friend! :)

Much love,
2017 Kalyanaloka.

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