The project has started!
We got the keys on the 10th of May.
Since then, much work has already been done!
This weekend - 27-28-29th May we'll have a Sangha Working Weekend

Sangha Working Weekend 27-29th May

Come for the full 3 days, for just one day or even for half!
The program is very rough so just show up when you can and leave when you want, it'll be allright :)

With meditation, tea ceremony, and some work (garden or painting mainly, but there's plenty more to do!)
Rough program:
8-9am breakfast
9-10am meditation/tea ceremony
10-1pm work period
1-3pm lunch and social
3-6pm work period

for the evening:
saturday is film night at the buddhist centre
sunday evening I'll cook some mean italian food and more social time

(reminder that friday night is men's night at the buddhist centre too!)
If you missed it, click here for the project page
Heroes of the Week

Scot - for fixing our shower, toilets, finding out how to close the water, washing machine, and I can't even remember what else!
Dharmabandhu - for leading the painting of the first room!

Other Thanks
Visarada, Indrabodhi, Windhorse trust, Abhayakirti, Indrabodhi, David, ... and I'm sure I will forget someone, so many people have already contributed!

We painted one bedroom!

(basecoat only)
But it was so mouldy before this is like heaven already, really!

The Shrine is in place!

Thanks to Windhorse Trust and Abhayakirti for the rupa

Leaking Shower

Made a hole in the ceiling under it! :( - now fixed, hopefully

My mortgage lender sends a care package. One week later. If only they knew what we've gone through already... Still the nicest thing a bank has ever done for me though!
The mouldy wall is no more! and by the power of all Buddhas, it should come back no more either
We got a massage chair for anyone that comes to do some work or visit, and a trained massage therapist (David) to go with the chair too!
My parents coming to visit this weekend, I tried to stop them but they couldn't help themselves and started clearing vegetation and cleaning windows, bless! (they also very kindly financed a large part of the downpayment of the house! and everything else they've done for me of course, how could one ever start to express such a huge amount of gratitude?)
Ok, there may be water leaks everywhere and a few other dozen problems, but we've got a tea table in a nice looking room - we'll be allright!
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