Experience Buddhism program started
We now have guests (1-2 at a time) coming in to stay for 1 to 2 weeks, living in a semi-retreat and communal way.

Tea ceremony and meditation in the morning, work as a practice later.
For now, the program has far exceeded any expectations, it's always such a joy to share our Buddhist way of life with new people!

All is well in rocky Brighton, rain or shine we're having loads of fun transforming this house into a beautiful community!

"I spent at this place 2 weeks and it was a lifetime experience. We had a tea ceremony every morning (not only) and It allowed me to relax, explore my mind and enjoy the high quality tea Paolo serves (very professionally). I highly recommend to volunteer at this place." Roman, Czech Republic

"It is hard to explain by words how amazing it was. [...] All the people I spent time with were so kind, calm, in harmony, with big loving heart. Just their simple presence and peaceful environment they created was so precious to me and influenced me in a positive way. We started every day with 1 hour tea ceremony and meditation. [...] This way every day started with a calm loving feeling which persisted during the whole day. " Radovan, Slovakia

Here's the program ad if you're curious

A few more news

We have posters with some activities, it would be great if you printed one to show at your local buddhist centre. Click here to download.

We will soon launch a Crowdfunding campaign to raise some funds for materials for the working retreat, to create new living accommodation and make the tea and shrine rooms beautiful.
See you at Buddhafield festival, keep an eye out on workshop board for impromptu Tea Ceremonies!

We've got to prune and take down some of the very-fast-growing leylandii trees, looking for a tree surgeon or someone with a clue.

We're looking for one Order Member or GFR Mitra to join us - we can now offer some support.
If you missed it, click here for the project vision page
Hero of the Month
Abhayakirti - Successfully teaching us how to put down laminate floor
Yasmin - Can-do attitude and enthusiasm

Other Thanks
There's so many people that help out the cause in a way or another every week that it's near impossible not forgetting anyone!
But please know: we are deeply, deeply grateful to you!
Two of our guests removing a hedge
Does this even need a comment?
Planning the garage conversion
Yasmin helping us re-putting down laminate flooring
Floorboard was coming up. So i screwed it in the beams. Screwed into an electric cable. Takig up the floorboard to change it, it doesn't come, so cut it wit a jis saw... I cut into a water pipe.
After draining the flood, I contemplate the suffering inherent in life with my head low.
Abhayakirti looking competent
Part of our private forest may have to go soon - May it rest in peace!
That's everything for today! Anything you'd like to say, just reply to this email

As usual, feel free to forward this email to a friend! :)

Much love,
2017 Kalyanaloka.

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