From lasers to fillers, here are the top treatments recommended by Dr Ron Shelton to reduce the appearance of acne scars.
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September 2021 Newsletter
Best treatment methods for Acne Scars recommended by Dr Ron Shelton
Some patients suffer from severe acne scars while others are fortunate to have blemishes that come and go without leaving any marks. If you’re a part of the first category, then laser treatment might be the best option for you. Although it doesn’t completely remove a scar, it does, however, reduce the appearance of acne scars.

From lasers to fillers, here are the top treatments recommended by Dr Ron Shelton to reduce the appearance of acne scars.
Microneedling with RadioFrequency

Microneedling is an extremely well-known strategy for boosting scar-smoothing collagen production while delivering RF energy “below” cells which produce pigment. This innovative procedure called RF Microneedling combines traditional microneedling with radiofrequency energy, and it has become the latest go-to option for acne scars treatment. It uses small needles to deliver Radio Frequency energy into the deep layers (dermis) of the skin, and this stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production in the body.

Some patients have seen improvements after only one treatment. However, the number of treatments will depend on each patient’s condition.   

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Fraxel Laser

Fraxel laser is an FDA-approved treatment for acne scars. This non-ablative fractional erbium and thulium laser treatment is widely praised for its ability to treat most scar types and nearly all skin types. It is named ‘Fraxel’ since only a percentage of skin is used during each treatment without disturbing the healthy skin area. This laser sends microscopic laser energy which creates micro wounds in the acne scars area. As the skin heals around these micro wounds, it starts producing collagen. This new collagen restores volume, and it makes the uneven areas hollowed by acne smooth.

Fraxel laser typically requires more than one treatment. However, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t break the skin, and thus, it has less downtime when compared with the CO2 laser.

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Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional Carbon Dioxide lasers are safe and effective, but they are also the most aggressive of laser treatments for acne scars. This state-of-the-art technology treats the affected areas more gently and safely than the former fully ablative carbon dioxide lasers. While this minimizes possible side effects, it also speeds up the healing process. During this treatment, the CO2  laser pokes microscopic holes in the deep layers of the skin. This induces the production of new collagen to smooth out acne scars. 

Results may vary from one patient to another, however most patients will see improvements after 1 week.

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Halo and Profractional Laser

This is another popular procedure at Dr Ron Shelton’s practice for treating both deep and superficial acne scars. The non-ablative Halo laser treatment is a minimally-invasive procedure which produces long-term results. During the treatment, most patients may feel a slightly warm sensation on their skin, which will persist for several hours afterward. A topical numbing cream is, however, applied for extra-sensitive skin.

Patients will see the scars fading over the course of several weeks. However, optimal results may be seen after 3 to 6 weeks when the skin cells are renewed due to the production of new collagen. The Profractional laser does induce more downtime and is more effective for moderate scarring.

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