Amazing Results with Sofwave at Dr. Shelton’s Office in NYC!

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February 2022 Newsletter
Amazing Results with Sofwave™ at Dr. Shelton’s Office in NYC!
In our previous newsletters, we introduced Sofwave™—the latest skin tightening treatment—and, in this edition, we would like to share with you the positive feedback which Dr Shelton has received from several patients who underwent this new procedure. Given below is one response from a happy patient who has achieved amazing results with this breakthrough in ultrasound technology:
I wanted to address my aging concerns in the least invasive way possible, and, to be honest, I was a little skeptical after the treatment. The procedure was relatively painless and left no redness or pain afterwards (basically there was no indication that anything had been done whatsoever.) After a few weeks though, I noticed an undeniable tightening of my cheeks and a fading of my nasolabial folds. The overall appearance of my skin has also improved and, frankly, I look amazing. Friends and family have been telling me that I look great and I've been telling each and every one of them that it's entirely due to Dr. Shelton and the Sofwave. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that this procedure has made me look 5 years younger. I would recommend this procedure for anyone wanting to test the cosmetic dermatology waters who is not looking for drastic, facelift type results.

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So, what is Sofwave™?  

For those who missed our previous newsletters, Sofwave is a brand new device on the market which uses a multiple ultrasound beam technology for non-invasive directional skin tightening and improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.   Learn more details here >>

Why is everyone talking about Sofwave™?  

Up until recently, no technology has produced such satisfactory results to reduce sagging and crepiness especially in the neck—that is, before Sofwave. This treatment comes in the form of a thirty-minute, zero downtime procedure that stimulates your body’s collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and it also tightens mild jowling and loose skin.

A majority of dermatologists prefer to use ultrasound technology to tighten the loose skin on face, neck and chest areas since more and more patients look for procedures with no cuts or surgeries. Besides, the ultrasound waves allow for a safer and a much faster treatment.

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To stimulate the production of new collagen in areas where it has stopped or slowed due to age or other factors, the ultrasound waves will penetrate the skin, thus creating new collagen in a way that reduces wrinkles and tightens skin along the face and neck. Although the collagen rebuilding process takes up to six months, some patients have felt their skin tighten almost immediately, and may observe actual lifting in a few months. The collagen production cycle will continue, and by the third month, the patient will see noticeable improvements in their skin tone and quality.

In terms of maintenance, patients may need to book one session every 1-2 years, and their skin will continue to look better from thereon.

Sofwave patients continue to be very pleased with their results. Often combined with Ultherapy and sometimes to be followed by Microneedling with RF (radiofequency) using the Genius device from Lutronic with insulated needles, tightening and improving the texture of the crepey skin.

View Sofwave™ before/after photo gallery here >>

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Dr Shelton strives to offer effective and innovative treatment options to those in and around New York City and skin tightening treatments such as Sofwave enable him to deliver incredible results with no surgery or downtime. 


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