Dr Shelton is happy to introduce ThermiSmooth™ for Text Neck creases 
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January 2019 Newsletter
Your Smartphone Might Be Giving You Neck Wrinkles
Smartphones and tablets have become convenient items today, however, there are many reasons why we should curb on using them. Alongside limiting one's physical interaction with other people, it has now been proven to create neck wrinkles due to the constant craning of one's head to look down at their phone screen or computer.
Texting may cause premature neck wrinkles, or what Dr. Shelton refers to as refers to as “text neck”. If one really has to use the phone or the computer often, it is recommended that they keep their devices either at their eye level, or above it.
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Researchers have found out that holding the head in a downward position for a long time to read or send texts can put excess pressure on the neck. This can cause the facial skin around the neck to stretch until it loses elasticity. The end result can be sagging jowls, double chins, and neck wrinkles. Unsurprisingly, it has become a real epidemic among the general populace. Problems caused by the 'text neck' have grown in their frequency, and have been discussed in the media for a countless number of times.
Dr. Ron Shelton has encountered many people in their late twenties complaining about neck creases, but out of the many treatments that he has done to lessen these, whilst tightening the skin on one's face and neck, he's observed a big success with ThermiSmooth™. He has treated many patients who have complained of 'Text Neck', and their appearance has successfully been improved.
How can ThermiSmooth™ reduce neck creases caused by Text Neck?
ThermiSmooth™ uses an external radiofrequency wand that applies precise heating to the skin's surface to safely and gently improve fine lines and skin laxity, smoothing out the look of the skin. It has no downtime! The skin will be slightly red or pink for not more than 20 minutes.
When applied with Alastin Restorative Complex™ ThermiSmooth™ produces better results since Alastin assists the body in producing natural fiber of skin. The skin’s outer appearance will gradually smoothen when the elasticity is improved. Although the lines do not disappear at once they will be less noticeable. Dr Shelton performs this procedure himself.


As the usage of smartphones is not going lessen, Dr. Shelton recommends skin tightening in the neck area to prevent Text Neck creases. Your neck skin is just as important as the skin on your face and should be treated as such.

If you have a sense of anxiety about an upcoming cosmetic procedure, book a Consultation today by calling (212) 593 1818 or e-mail without delay with Dr.Shelton. As a prior patient of Dr. Shelton, there will be no consultation fee for the visit.
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