Texting may cause premature neck wrinkles, or what Dr. Shelton refers to as refers to as “text neck”.
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December 2020 Newsletter
New Video: The Rise of Tech Neck - What causes the creases on your neck
Texting may cause premature neck wrinkles, or what Dr. Shelton refers to as refers to as “text neck”.

The phenomenon is being referred to as “text neck” or “tech neck” originally referenced the pain caused by constantly keeping your head titled forward.
Researchers have found out that holding the head in a downward position for a long time to read or send texts can put excess pressure on the neck. This can cause the facial skin around the neck to stretch until it loses elasticity. The end result can be sagging jowls, double chins, and neck wrinkles. 

Dr Shelton has observed a big success with Genius Microneedling RF. He has treated many patients who have complained of 'Text Neck', and their appearance has successfully been improved.

What causes premature neck wrinkles?
Smart phones aren’t solely responsible for the development of wrinkles or creases on our necks. (we also tend to look down when reading, for example). It’s more about the constant bending of our necks.i.e. looking down when reading. When your neck is bent, you are creating a fold in that place. This is what creates 'neck folds'.

Dr Shelton says he is seeing more patients come in with concerns about these text neck lines. With Covid-19 most people have started to work from home and now they have begun to scrutinize themselves more than ever. They are taking more selfies, so they actually notice these neck creases in photos. 
People want to look good now, thus they are coming to lessen these neck creases. 
Microneedling RF can restore the skin correcting the light creases and wrinkles forming on the neck. It can stimulate new collagen and encourage tissue build up for a more toned skin. Through a series of treatments those who are concerned about their tech neck will be able to reduce the visible neck lines. 
After effects and downtime of Microneedling RF
Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is very rare with Microneedling and Radio Frequency.
The downtime is minimal. Some people may have bruises, swelling or redness. The average downtime s not more than 2 days. However some patients may even see the bruises upto 2 weeks. The majority people are very satisfied with their results.
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As the usage of smartphones is not going lessen, Dr. Shelton recommends skin tightening in the neck area to prevent Text Neck creases. Your neck skin is just as important as the skin on your face and should be treated as such.

Even as communities and businesses are re-opening, Dr Shelton advises to take precautions and to continue social distancing practices. Since there is no way to ensure zero risk of infection, please take the necessary measures to protect yourself and to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Dr Shelton is a CoolSculpting Certified Provider and his practice has achieved Diamond Status which is the highest level in Crystal Rewards®which reflects great experience in CoolSculpting.

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