Newsletter 6 - MARCH 2017
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The Customer Support brings technical and logistical support to our distributors and end users for all the aunav robot fleet deployed around the world.

We make sure their technicians are well trained with our formation and maintenance syllabus programs. We check that their training is up to date thru a constant contact and the dispatching of technical documents. We offer our commitment and availability for a quick and effective maintenance service.  

We operate at a worldwide level so we consider that a perfect coordination is crucial to allow us to give an answer within the agreed time frame. We strive to have a spare parts stock in place with the distributor to ease up a quick repair of any mishap fixing .We want to security about the technical knowledge over our full range of aunav robots, and the confidence and commitment of our company as a manufacturer.
INTERVIEW INFODEFENSA.COM. RAFAEL DE SOLIS, CEO  IN PROYTECSA: “We have developed a new robot arm against IED for light vehicles”

The Spanish company PROYTECSA got this year a major contract in the Middle East, where he sold his arm robot aunav.CID for deactivating explosives – installed on a platform Vamtac of Urovesa. Read more…



EXPAL Systems and Proytecsa Security sign an agreement to collaborate in the sector of ammunition demilitarization and improvised explosive (EOD - IEDD)

Both companies will combine capabilities to offer a complete high-tech range of solutions in the Defence industry.
Pedro Sallent, Managing Director of
EXPAL, agrees that “this alliance between EXPAL Systems and Proytecsa Security allows us to provide solutions demanding requests in EOD/IED activities. These integrated and global solutions consider ROVs, analysis and neutralization technology for Armed Forces.”
In words of Rafael Solís,
PROYTECSA CEO, “this agreement raises new challenges and opportunities to keep developing technology and high-quality solutions for the Defence industry.”
This agreement includes products and services for use in police and military operations to defuse improvised explosive devices (IED) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), as well as for CBRN
 activities. These solutions allow to analyze possible threats and to neutralize them increasing safety in this operations.

aunav.VAN and  aunav.NEXT, the perfect team

The escalation of terrorist attacks in the last years has impelled the different EOD/NRBQ units to be prepared to deploy quickly at any time, any situation and any place while carrying all the necessary equipment to successfully perform deactivation and neutralizing missions concerning IEDs and NRBQ threats (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical), while at the same time guaranteeing and protecting the safety of the population and infrastructures.
To offer and answer to those necessities,
PROYTECSA has designed, developed and manufactured the aunav.VAN, based on the Sprinter model by Mercedes. The inside has been reconditioned with special steel lockers to be able to transport safely all the necessary equipment to the ops site. The 100L fuel tank and 4x4 traction system allows a long range deployment over any type of terrain which confers the vehicle and all-purpose operational capability. Fitted with a silent 7’2 kW generator to power elements like the control center, the air conditioner or the roof mast.  
Once arrived to the intervention destination, the aunav.NEXT robot is deployed and begins operations (in less than 5 minutes thanks to the QuickStart system). The robot aunav.NEXT is truly multi-purpose, capable of carrying several accessories like disruptors, guns, tools, x ray systems and NRBQ sensors among others to perform all types of missions in any conditions.
The aunav.NEXT features two arms, and has a lifting capacity of 250 kg. Both arms can rotate 360º continuously. They are extremely precise, and feature a user friendly system for the operator called “grip tip based movements” that coordinate the movements of several articulations at the same time in order to place the grip in the desired position. Once the robot is deployed, the operator takes control from inside the control center installed in the aunav.VAN (with COFDM communications). He deploys the robot mast fitted with LED lighting and a PTZ camera IR that allows the operator to monitor the surroundings of the operation and on another screen visualizes in real time the 8 video flows of the cameras fitted to the robot.


The PROYTECSA SECURITY robots destined to Tunisia 

The Spanish company PROYTECSA SECURITY has supplied several robots to the authorities of Tunisia.

The Government of the Republic of Tunisia has placed his trust in the Spanish company PROYTECSA SECURITY to acquire several robots of the Aunav range. 
The robot aunav, are highly sophisticated and mid dimensioned, will be used in threats áreas that require protection of the specialized IED deactivation teams.
The huge weight lifting capacity and high precision allow the robot to be the perfect answer in situations with explosive devices, car bombs, or threats with nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical materials. The remote control robot integrates telemetry so the data gathered by sensors can be seen in real time on the control console.
Thanks to exports and the trust of our customers,
PROYTECSA SECURITY has achieved historical records in its 25 years of existence and enters regions as important as the North of Africa, the Near East and the Indian subcontinent. 
 The aunav robots have been developed in collaboration with the TEDAX unit of the Spanish National Police. Since 2003 the Aunav  robot is the type used by the National Police , The  Guardia Civil, the Air Force and the  Mossos d’Esquadra and other units in Spain , Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, USA, Mexico, Chile, Morocco, Angola, Vietnam and others.

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