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Think of it this way - it's not a severance package, it's a severance offer. Geoffrey wrote about assessing and negotiating severance is his new blog post. Read more.
We all know there is a duty on the part of an employer to act in good faith in the course of a dismissal. In this video update, Stuart talks about what happens when an employer is found to have acted in bad faith.
There's a difference between settling and getting the best possible outcome through mediation. Mediation is a growing part of Stuart's practice and in this video update he outlines his 12 tips to win at mediation.
Is your boss tracking you? Bill 88 makes Ontario the first and only province with legislation that specifically addresses employee monitoring software. Stuart commented on this for the Globe and Mail. Read more.
Many judges will criticize employers for terminating employees, saying that while there may have been misconduct, it wasn’t egregious enough to warrant termination. How can HR manage the fallout of poor performance? Stuart commented on this for HRD Canada. Read more.
Following in the footsteps of quiet quitting, there’s been plenty of talk about “quiet firing” these days, where an employer intentionally mistreats an employee so they will leave their job. Stuart explored whether this should be considered constructive dismissal for HR Reporter. Read more.
Fire Away Season 5 Episode 9

Did Bell Media handle the termination of Lisa LaFlamme correctly? In the next episode of Fire Away, Stuart is joined by Eric Yaverbaum, CEO of Ericho Communications, for a discussion on handling terminations and how not to fire an employee.

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Stuart is co-chair of the HRPA Annual HR Law Conference on October 26th and 27th - the premiere must-attend event for HR professionals seeking to stay on top of changes to the HR law landscape. Over two half-days, this event welcomes all HR professionals and business leaders looking for tools and strategies to navigate a rapidly changing work environment. Register now. Plus, use the code HRLAW22 for 10% off!

It's back again! The Osgoode Certificate in Advanced Human Resources Law for Senior HR Executives starts on November 2nd. Designed for Human Resources leaders who wish to ratchet up their skills and knowledge to the next level. Stuart is co-Director of the program and will be joined by Brittany and Nadia who will instruct during this offering. Register now.

We are bringing you another Rudner Law webinar on November 16th! We'll be discussing Navigating the (Hopefully) Post-pandemic Workplace. Stay tuned for more details.

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