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September's Most Read Posts


5. Protect your eyes & Look cute

#style Do you wear blue light blocking glasses? It took me a while to try them and now I can't live without. I mean, working as a blogger, content creator and editor I'm almost 24 hours in front of a screen (computer and phone) and by the end of the day I feel like my eyes are begging for a relieve.

4. Let it Glow: A facial oil edit 

#beauty Facial oils are capable of minimizing the look of fine lines, dark spots from sun damage and acne, besides, of course, giving your skin a beautiful and natural glow. It also improves the skin strength and firmness, it can evening out the complexion and regulates the sebum production. Convinced already?

3. Sleeping Beauty Essentials

#beauty According to a Vogue’s UK specialist: “At night is when our skin and our bodies shifts into repair and restore mode, so making the most of the time you spend asleep is a simple way to encourage healthier, happier skin come morning.” Think about it and take a look below at my top 5 nighttime skin care and wellness secrets to help you keep your skin and hair healthy and vibrant...

2. 5 Woody Allen films to fall in love with New York City

#movieguide ...I've watched 'A rainy day in New York' for the 2nd time and have to confess I really miss the city. Well, I don't know why, after my experiences living there - it's not love. Actually, love is a too strong word to translate what I feel for that place... let me use a quote from Woody´s film to explain to you...

1. It's all about Leo

#oscars There's no way out! I wanted to change the subject, but I have to talk about Leonardo DiCaprio and his Oscar winning after 20 years of waiting since his 1st nomination.

Bonjour Paris!

After great catwalk moments in New York, London and Milan, it's time for the fashion circus arrive in Paris! Come follow our coverture on Facebook and Twitter...
Plus Paris this way, s'il vous plait >>
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