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Dear Chapter Leaders!

Welcome to another edition of our PSCC newsletter. It’s packed with exciting information that we’d like to share with you. Our hope is that you find it valuable. Please do let us know what you think about these newsletters! E-mail us at with the subject line “NEWSLETTER FEEDBACK.”

Chapters Workshop: Another successful Chapters workshop was held at Vancouver this year! We were very pleased to host professional and student Chapter leaders from all around the world: from Latin America, U.S. & Canada, Europe, and East Asia. In total, about thirty-five people join the excitement. 

Continuing a beautiful tradition, we hosted members of the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee (EC) and Standing Committee Chairs during the pre-workshop breakfast. It was a great opportunity for Chapter leaders to meet the ACM SIGGRAPH leadership and discuss matters that are important to Chapters, as well as to build relationships with EC members. A fun card-matching game encouraged everyone to mingle, and it was all a lot of fun.

The workshop was packed with great information and important announcements.

Early on, we heard from various EC members about the initiatives the EC strategy groups have been working on.  A particular one for you to note is the upcoming Conference-in-a-Box initiative. Another important discussion about the new rules for Chapter Leader Conference passes provided fruitful feedback for the EC.  Additionally, we announced the completion of our website template for Chapters. We provide further information on all of these points below.

The attendees of the SIGGRAPH 2018 Chapters Workshop

Our keynote speaker was Kevin McNulty, who is part of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee and also the faculty advisor for the MTSU ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter.  Kevin gave us a great presentation on how to generate excitement among students to attend the SIGGRAPH Conference, building on his article we shared with you earlier in the year.  For the last five or six years, MTSU has increased the number of student volunteers from its school attending SIGGRAPH, so Kevin’s pointers work!!

We also offered this year a few more exciting team-building and networking games.

Chapters Party:  Talk about raising the roof!  Another incredibly successful Chapters Party rocked Vancouver.  In collaboration with the SIGGRAPH 2018 Attendee XP team, we placed a few SIGGLET markers at the Chapter Party venue (aptly named VENUE) and WOW!  We were not prepared for such a crowd! With the help of the VENUE owners, we opened a second venue just down the street (Yes! You read that right!) to allow the large number of people waiting to come inside to not spend all evening queuing to enter.  We had one thousand people at the main party… a rocking party indeed!
Chapters Fast Forward:  For the first time, we moved the Chapters Fast Forward event, traditionally done at the workshop, to the main conference.  We were excited to let every conference member know what our Chapters are doing throughout the year. About a dozen chapters presented to a small audience.  Overall, we really enjoyed sharing this information with a wider audience, so we will advertise this event more widely in 2019!


ACM SIGGRAPH elected a new Treasurer and two Members-at-Large at this year’s elections.  Two members of the PSCC were elected!

We’d like to congratulate Brad Lawrence, PSCC Treasurer, on his election as ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer, and Mashhuda Glencross, PSCC Past-Chair, for her election as ACM SIGGRAPH Member-at-Large.  Congratulations guys!! We know you will represent the interest of Chapters very well at the EC level!


As we’ve mentioned previously, ACM SIGGRAPH is changing the way it recognizes volunteers in the organization, and that extends to Chapter Leader volunteers.  The current proposal will provide one conference pass to either SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH Asia (not both) to volunteers who work more than 200 hours in a year for the organization, which is equivalent to about 4+ hours per week.  Those working 3+ hours per week will receive a 50% discount, and those working more that 2 hours a week will receive a 25% discount on a single conference pass to one conference.

How much time do you spend as an ACM SIGGRAPH volunteer?  Send us your thoughts and comments to with the subject line “LEADER PASS HOURS.”


The ACM SIGGRAPH EC is preparing a wonderful new tool for the Chapter arsenal!  It’s called “Conference-in-a-Box,” and it is a great way for Chapters to host a small event featuring both local and conference content!  The EC did a short presentation about this at the workshop, and the slides are available here.

Slide 3 is the most informative, as it explains the basic concept.  The idea is that your event will contain at least one item from each of Columns A, B, and C.  Column A is content about the ACM SIGGRAPH organization and its conferences. Column B is your own local content—a speaker you would normally organize or any other local content you normally show.  Finally, Column C is content from the Conference, which would be made available to you.

As mentioned in the slides, this tool is not quite ready for production, but if there are any of you interested in Beta testing, do let us know!  Contact us at with the subject line “CONFERENCE IN A BOX TESTER.”

SIGGRAPH 2018 CAF stream:

Chapter leaders are encouraged to bring the Computer Animation Festival Traveling Show to screen at your Chapter (don’t know how?  Contact us!).  However, for those Chapter who really need another alternative, now you have it!  You can find the ACM Digital Library version of the SIGGRAPH 2018 CAF following this link
Remember to log in with your ACM web account credentials to access it. 

If you plan to screen this version of the CAF, do let us know!  We simply want to have a sense of how many of you are using this version.



Once again, this year, we will host a short Chapters workshop at SIGGRAPH Asia.  It is tentatively scheduled for December 5th in the afternoon.  If you would like to join us in Tokyo, Japan, do let us know soon!  Sign up by Saturday, Oct. 27th, here:


We look forward to seeing you at SIGGRAPH Asia!


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