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Chapters Workshop
Dear Chapter leaders—
This e-mail was originally going to go only to those attending the workshop, but the first item is of general interest, so I figured it be best to send to everyone!

photo credit - Saskia Groenewegen
  1. To prepare for the workshop and deal with the issues that are most pressing Chapter leaders, we’ve prepared a short survey to get some feedback from you.  It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to answer, and your feedback to us will be invaluable! 
Although originally meant only for those attending the Chapters workshop, it would really make us happy if all of you help us out with this small favor and provide us feedback about what your Chapter struggles with. 
Include anything and everything, from organizing and running events, to finding new leaders, to even your interactions with the PSCC.  Trust me, we can handle the criticism and will endeavor to find a solution.  If you’d like to propose solutions, we’re all ears as well!
Here is the survey link:
  1. Our goal for this conference is to give you, our Chapter volunteers, more visibility within the ACM SIGGRAPH community.  We are doing this for several reasons.
First, we want to help you identify areas and committees within ACM SIGGRAPH where you or members of your Chapter and community can contribute, improving and enlarging our volunteer base. 
Second, this is an opportunity for ACM SIGGRAPH leaders to get to know you and get a better understanding of what Chapter leaders do for the organization. 
Third, it is an opportunity for us to expose Chapters to the conference attendees
Our intention here is to develop a more cohesive ACM SIGGRAPH community and to integrate Chapter leaders better within the ACM SIGGRAPH community.  To this end, you’ll notice a few changes in our conference activities.
The SIGGRAPH 2018 schedule of PSCC events is as follows:
  1. Chapters workshop: Saturday, August 11th, 8am-4pm
  2. Chapters party: Monday, August 13th, 9pm-closing
  3. Chapters Fast Forward and Startup Meeting: Wednesday, August 15th, 9-11am
  4. Chapters Student Volunteer Breakfast: Thursday, August 16th, 8-10am
  1. For those receiving a conference pass, you will be required to attend all the events above for the entire duration of the event (except for the breakfast: only one session is required, see below). 
Additionally, we will ask that you commit to 4 hours of booth duty at the Chapters booth in the ACM SIGGRAPH Village throughout the conference week.  
Please sign up for booth duty here:  For those of you who can’t see the username/password in the login popup, the not so super-secret combo is:
                username:          scheduler
                password:           appointment
Once you have logged in, select “Conference 2018,” then “Chapters Booth.”  Then add yourself to the timeslot you selected.  Please note: no more than TWO volunteers per time slot!  No booth duty during the Chapters Fast Forward!
  1. Chapters workshop: The workshop will be held at the Pan Pacific hotel, rooms Oceanview 1 and 2.  As usual, we will offer breakfast at 8am and begin promptly at 9am.  This year, we strongly encourage you to join us for breakfast as we have also invited the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee and Standing Chairs to join us!  This is your best chance to meet the ACM SIGGRAPH leadership one-on-one and discuss with them issues affecting you openly and directly! 
Come early and mingle with our senior leadership: we promise you won’t get a chance to meet them like this anywhere else!
  1. The party is on!  The Chapters party, that is!  Returning to you once again on Monday evening, beginning at 9pm until closing.  This is the one party where everyone of legal age wearing a badge is invited.  We will have stickers to help promote the party, which you can wear on your clothes or add to your badge!  As the contract is under final negotiation, I won’t disclose the venue, but I can assure you it is an awesome VENUE!
  1. For the first time this year and as an experiment, we have combined the Chapters Business Meeting and the Chapters Startup Meeting into a single event: The Chapters Fast-Forward and Startup Meeting!  Yes, that’s right!  The Chapters Fast Forward (CFF) will not happen during the workshop but during the conference itself!  We want to give conference attendees a glimpse of what you do and to get a feel for what running a Chapter entails.
To reach a wider audience, we are planning to record and/or live-stream the presentations as well!  Before we can record you, we require that you sign an ACM release form.  This digital form will be e-mailed to you once you submit your CFF material, so please do make sure the person who fills in the CFF submission form is the same person who will present!
We are hosting the CFF at the ACM SIGGRAPH Theater at 9am.  The deadline to submit your CFF material is August 5th, 2018.  You’ll find instructions for how and what to submit here:
  1. Chapter leaders are once again invited to meet with Student Volunteers at the Chapters Student Volunteer Breakfast.  This is your chance to tell them about volunteering opportunities beyond the conference.  This is a great opportunity to recruit new volunteers for your chapter or help us encourage volunteers to start a new one!  There are no sponsors joining us this year, so all eyes will be on YOU!
We will have two sessions for breakfast: one beginning at 8am and one beginning at 9am  You will have a chance to sign up for your preferred session at the Chapters workshop.
As you can see, we have an action-packed conference ahead of us!  We are looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver in a few short weeks!  See you then!


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