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Announcement from ACM SIGGRAPH Information Technology Services about retirement of some outdated ACM SIGGRAPH dedicated computer servers.  Note this is only relevant to a small number of current chapters/volunteers.

WHO: This will not impact most active chapters, and shutdown actually been in process for a few years.  Active chapters, especially newer charters (past 6 years), you use our newer hosting servers called A2.  If you have always used an A2 hosted Wordpress site your chapter website is NOT impacted by this announcement.  You do not need to take any action.

For longer established active chapters who have ever used the ACM SIGGRAPH dedicated servers via FTP in the past and want to keep any of their old content - please read below.  If you don't know what any of this means you probably won't miss any outdated content even if your chapter has some. 

WHAT: Two dedicated acmsiggraph servers are being retired at the end of September 2021 these are acmsiggraph01 and acmsiggraph02.  So this is one FINAL CALL if you or your chapter used these servers,  you need to migrate any remaining content that you want to archive/keep (old sites, chapter/personal files or home directories) off to A2 or GSuite before these servers are taken offline.  For chapters this means any content in old HTML XYZsig FTP role accounts and the old multisite WordPress server (, Plone, Jira, Bugzilla, will no longer be accessible/live after these shutdowns. These servers were actually replaced  by a newer server a number of years ago, and chapters/committees/volunteers actively using them were encouraged to migrate off of them either onto the new primary ACM SIGGRAPH server or to A2 (our managed hosted servers), so this should not be new information to anyone who it impacts.  Some volunteers, committees had technological blocking factors which Information Technology Services helped work through for those impacted.  At this point our hope is that long ago you have already moved any important content that is to be preserved off these servers,  otherwise consider this the FINAL opportunity to do so.

HOW: Most chapters probably preserved anything they wanted already when they stopped actively using these servers/services.  If not, login to your acmsiggraph01 or acmsiggraph02 FTP account and transfer any files you want to keep either to GSuite file storage or A2 (for websites) before September 30, 2021.

Questions/concerns can be posted on the Chapters Slack or sent to


Jenny Dana, PSCC

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