GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS / There's definitely a spring in our step this season...

Our KLAATU Kickstarter campaign launched on Monday, March 7th, and we reached our funding goal in under 7 HOURS! Then naught but a day later and all our EARLYBIRD TIERS sold out! Needless to say, we are speechless.

On top of all the aforementioned, we ALSO reached our first stretch goal of $26K quicker than expected! This means ALL physical tier backers will now get an amazing double-sided 18x24 in. poster featuring the book's dual cover art by Scott Hepburn and Ramón Pérez! Scroll down for more in-depth campaign updates - or you watch a campaign video update here.
There are only 16 DAYS left to support this campaign, so please click the button below and SUPPORT IF YOU CAN!  

Keep reading to learn more about KLAATU and the other exciting things happening. Oh, did we forget to mention that the monthly RAID Mystery Box contest is also within this newsletter?

Let's jump in!


KLAATU CREATOR SPOTLIGHT / This week's R4ID spotlight is on BETTER TO BURN OUT!, the short story by Andrew Healey & Shane Heron.

Andrew Healey is a freelance writer for television with ten years of experience and over thirty produced credits, working on the projects of Disney’s PJ MASKS, Corus Entertainment’s NUMB CHUCKS, and Adult Swim Canada’s DOOMSDAY BROTHERS.

Shane, on the other hand, doesn't like to travel or meet new people. So, we cornered Andrew and peppered him with some questions...


Why do the world's best musicians die at the age of 27? What if it wasn't just bad luck or hard living? What if it wasn't all a coincidence?


We both have always been fascinated with the 27 club, and the remarkable coincidence of statistics or fate that led to so many talented musicians dying at that age. What if it wasn't random? What if there was a reason behind it all?  


The hardest part was finding our protagonist. We always knew there would be an immortal killer, but the story really came together when we realized our hero would be someone who escaped the killer previously. However, despite surviving, they had a horrible life and endured poor creative productivity ever since. 

KICKSTARTER / As mentioned above, it's been a thrilling week for our KLAATU Kickstarter campaign! We reached our funding within 7 hours and quickly sold out our EARLYBIRD tiers. The demand was so great for these tiers we've brought all the items back in one swell package and added ORIGINAL ART!

This tier has it all - The limited Edition Coin, the Limited Edition "Dead Cosmonaut" silkscreen, signatures from all the creators and the aforementioned ORIGINAL ART! Visit our campaign to find out more or to SNAG ONE TODAY!
While we are still riding high on KLAATU we can't help but share some upcoming projects that will resonate with all ages this April and May!!

Folk: Bands & Shenanigans by Dax Gordine, the follow-up to last year's Forest Folk, Picnics & Hijinks, launches in early April! While Kukuburi by Ramón Pérez, a story inspired by Alice In Wonderland and Little Nemo In Slumberland, launches later that same month!

Both campaign landing pages are LIVE. Be sure to hit the NOTIFY button to ensure you receive campaign launch notifications immediately!
SPOTLIGHT / It's a whodunnit noir tale in Forest Folk by Dax Gordine — the comic sheds it's colourful palette for this story arc as Filburt the fox hams things up in a bold and bombastic fashion. See all the characters in a new light (literally) as the comic becomes awash in bold blacks and moody grey tones as a mystery unfolds in this small forest burrow... 
EVENTS / The Toronto Comicon is this weekend! The show is held from March 18th to 20th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre 

Come meet Dax GordineRamón K Pérez, Kyle J Smith, Shane Heron, Eric Vedder, Sam Noir, Andrew Dorland, Damian Canta, and Rob Coughler, who will be manning the RAID SHOP! The whole crew will be signing, sketching, and eager to chat as they've been cooped up over a lengthy quarantine!

We'll have all of our RAID Press books on hand - including the newest of the new Dax's FOREST FOLK: PICNICS & HIJINKS.

Please swing by and say hello!
In CONVERSATION /  It's been a busy month of podcasts and Livestreams for the RAID crew due to the momentum of KLAATU. If you're keen, take a listen while you're sipping your morning coffee...

OR join us LIVE TONIGHT at 8 pm EDT on SKETCHLEMANIA 33: MONSTER MAYHEM as RAID members raise money in support of the Ukrainian Red Cross.

WORD BALLOON /  Ramón Pérez chatted with John Siuntres of Word Balloon about celebrating 20 years of RAID, pulp novels, comics, movies, and of course, KLAATU. He provides insight into the overall creation process with the different creators featured in this fourth anthology and the inspiration for AIR, the story he penned and illustrated for KLAATU.

TRUE NORTH COUNTRY /  Rob Coughler was featured on the True North Country Comics Podcast, talking about the creative process while writing his story featured in KLAATU, called REST HOME REVENGE. Rob also talks about managing the behind-the-scenes work while creating our fourth anthology project.

Comics Cast: Lead It Out /  Featuring RAIDer Danesh Mohiuddin! This episode delves into Danesh's exciting artistic journey while showcasing his current crowdfunding campaign for TIMELESS CHARACTERS! A Poster which features over 300 iconic characters from pop culture history. The Kickstarter ends THIS THURSDAY, March 17th, at 9 pm EDT, so get your butt over there now!
Additionally, Derek Laufman will be on the Indie Comics Cast show Lead It Out on Sunday, March 20th, at 1 pm EDT. Be there while they record LIVE so you can ask Derek your questions! 
GALLERY /  ELECTRIC ACID: an INKPULP exhibition launches at the RAID Gallery this Thursday and runs until May 19th. Don't miss the chance to see the lush brush work and psychedelic palette of Shawn Crystal of its glory. 

If you're in town for Toronto's Comicon this weekend, be sure to add this list to your to-dos! The gallery is located at 1720 Queen Street West.

Shawn has worked in animation, video game concept design, murals & graffiti, as well as embellished the pages of DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Valliant Entertainment with his amazing designs and illustrations. Shawn also has a weekly INKPULP Youtube podcast filled with amazing instructional videos and engaging interviews with other creatives.
MYSTERY BOX  /  To refresh, the first individual to correctly answer the skill-testing question by 3 pm EDT is the winner! The newsletter is sent out at noon EDT which will ensure everyone in North America is up, and those on the other side of the world will, for the most part, be up too. But don't fret—if you don't win, all entrants with the correct answer submitted by 3 pm EDT on the day the newsletter drops will be entered into a year-end contest.

Each box will contain a variety of items showcasing the talents of our talented creators. Every month will be a mixed bag of fun, from prints, books, pins, and t-shirts, with a value of over $100!

THANKS FOR READING! As always, let us know if you'd like to see things in the newsletter and the coming year, from us here at RAID.

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FOREST FOLK, Picnics & Hijinks
FOREST FOLK, Picnics & Hijinks
To Steal the Sun
To Steal the Sun
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