Comic's greatest icon, Stan Lee, is the embodiment of what a creator can aspire to accomplish: a lifetime spent creating heroes and villains, their worlds and stories, with his collaborators Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, and modern mythology loved by billions. We the artists, writers, and creatives, are the legacy he leaves behind. A tour de force Stan set the precedent of what we are all can aspire to. There was a joy connected to Stan, a youthful exuberance apparent in every page, every interview or chance encounter. He was a man of his community and he embraced it with the entirety of his being.

From his characters on the written page to the silver screen, through his fans, and us - the future creators and storytellers - his legacy lives on.

Excelsior Stan, 


Warner Bros. Canada chats with RAID and friends at our annual RAID Social about their new Lego DC Super Villains Game!


There are many unknowns when embarking on a solitary career as a creative.

Questions like, "What are standard rates?", "What should I expect from clients?", "How do I create a contract? and "What about royalties?", go unanswered. If you're lucky, you can reach out to a like-minded community for advice and insights, but what to do when no such community is available? 

In comes Creator Resource, a website dedicated to helping find answers.

There is a wealth of knowledge available here for aspiring creatives, with new information being added constantly. From contract templates, to company rates, to a variety of excellent links for taking care of your mental health. Needs and objectives may vary but Creator Resource is a fantastic baseline for the aspiring comic book freelancer.


FANS of  FRANCIS MANAPUL can find him this month in BATMAN DETECTIVE COMICS Collection (art & story), AQUAMAN / JUSTICE LEAGUE: DROWNED EARTH #1 (art) , ACTION COMICS REBIRTH: BOOK #3 (cover), and ACTION COMICS #1005 (cover).
FANS of TONCI ZONJIC can find him this month in CRIMSON LOTUS #1 (cover), and SHADOWMAN #9
FANS of Nimit Malavia can find his work gracing the covers of FIREFLY VOL. #1 (LEGACY EDITION) and ROBOCOP: CITIZENS ARREST.
FANS of RAMON PEREZ can continue to find him on MARVEL-TWO-IN-ONE #12 ending the series and his arc as artist. FANS  of JOE INFURNARI can also continue to enjoy his art on EVOLUTION #12 also out this month.
...and finally FANS of the dizzying works of SCOTT HEPBURN can find his work in the collected SPIDER-MAN / DEADPOOL VOL #7: EVENT POOL.
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