Labour Day weekend approaches, marking summers' end as kids and teens alike prepare for their return to school. But there is one last hurrah, as the third-largest pop-culture event gets ready to take hold of the city! It's Toronto's yearly Fan Expo Canada, and once again, it's going to be a doozy - celebrating not only our creative community but the global one as well, with guests visiting from all over North America and the world. This year's special guests range from William Shatner and Lucy Lawless to such great comic book legends as John Byrne and Arthur Adams.
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Beginning Thursday, August the 30th, FanExpo runs through weekend until Sunday September 2nd. RAID will be set up at P065 in Artist Alley (show floor plan to be updated by Fan Expo). You'll be able to meet RAIDer's Kalman Andrasofszky, Anthony Falcone, Scott Hepburn, Ramón K Pérez, Gabe Sapienza, Marcus To, Kyle J Smith and Eric Vedder all weekend, with special scheduled appearances by Cameron Stewart, Ian Herring, Joe Infunari, and Willow Dawson. We'll share a detailed map and schedule in next week's Newsletter, as well as frequent real-time updates on Instagram and Twitter throughout the show.

Starting the Thursday of the Fan Expo we'll also be begin taking pre-orders for RAID TWO! Our oversized omnibus of an anthology is set to debut early this fall jam-packed with some great stories and amazing art by RAID creatives new and old! For the early birds supporting us at Fan Expo we'll be offering incentives from exclusive prints to original sketches as well as free shipping on all pre-orders! Cause we're just kooky like that.
To spot us quickly keep a lookout for our banner in Artist Alley!


We're SUPER excited to announce our special collaboration with Showcase this Coming Fan Expo. Watch on Level 600 throughout the weekend as RAID artists' Scott Hepburn (Deadpool), Irma Knivilla (X-Men: Blue), Ramón K Pérez (Marvel Two-In-One), Nimit Malavia (Fables), Marcus To (X-Men: Blue), and Eric Vedder (Warframe), create multiple, one of a kind original multi-media art pieces promoting and inspired by Marvel’s Runaways to signal the coming of Season 2 only on Showcase


Every year we here at RAID like to share a bit of our knowledge that we've gained over the years by hosting a few panels, and this year is no different. This year we have three panel for you to check out:

FRIDAY 12:00 pm in ROOM 716B  
F/ Eric Vedder, Ramon Perez, Willow Dawson, Anthony Falcone

*A PAGE A DAY: How to draw faster, better, and smarter.*
SATURDAY 12:00 pm in ROOM 716B

Ramon Perez, Cameron Stewart, Marcus To

*DO THE THING: Productivity For Creatives.*
SUNDAY 12:00 pm in ROOM 716B 

Anthony Falcone, Gabe Sapienza, Kyle J Smith, Taran Chadha


Written by Andy Diggle, Illustrated by Doug Braithwaite, Cover by Tonci Zonjic

At humanity's dawn...the rise of the Shadowman of 40,000 B.C.!

His soul cast adrift in the astral void, "DEAD AND GONE" has led Jack Boniface across the centuries in search of the origin of the Shadowman's curse - and now it's taking him all the way back to the beginning of mankind! Standing beside his ancestors in the kill-or-be-killed world of primordial Africa, Jack is about to awaken something ancient, hungry, inhuman...and, as darkness descends, the long-hidden face of the Shadowman loa will be known!
IT'S MANAPUL MONTH AS WE SATURATE YOUR WEEKLY PULL-LIST WITH MORE OF THIS FANTASTIC FILIPINO! So if last week wasn't enough to satiate your hungry eyes, here's what we have for you this week...
Written and Illustrated by various creatives including RAID's own Francis Manapul

Captain Cold, leader of the Rogues, has been one of the Flash's greatest foes since the start of the Scarlet Speedster's crime-fighting career! Now DC has collected this unforgettable villain's greatest battles in this new title that includes SHOWCASE #8; THE FLASH #150 and 297, THE FLASH #28 and 182 (1987 series), FLASHPOINT: CITIZEN COLD #1, THE FLASH #6 (2011 series) and THE FLASH #17

Written by Dan Jurgens, Illustrated by Various , Cover by Francis Manapul

Superman and Booster Gold travel back in time to verify the claims that Kal-El's father somehow survived the destruction of Krypton. 

What they find, though, is a vastly different world than history has shown. When the time intruders are discovered, Jor-El and General Zod collaborate to capture or destroy them. The Eradicator will chase the pair through time to 25th-century Gotham City and back to Krypton in pursuit of justice. 


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, Illustrated by Patrick Gleason, Cover by Francis Manapul

A bold new era of the adventures of the Man of Steel continues as bodies fall from the sky and buildings burn around the City of Tomorrow. Even Superman must wonder how well he knows the city he protects as an unknown criminal element begins to rise throughout Metropolis.


Just a reminder that The Reading Line is hosting Books & Bikes along the Bloor Viaduct this coming Sunday August 26th. The event celebrates literacy, books (and now graphic novels!), bikes, and this year the 100th anniversary of the historic Viaduct traversing the Don River in our glorious city of Toronto. Multiple authors will showcase their works over the course of the ride and its three junctures..

Ramón will be one of the guest speakers at the Prince Edward Viaduct Parkette at 2:30 pm  where he will expound the joys of comic books, graphic novels, RAID itself and it's extended community. While there you can also visit the Page & Panel shop who have a mobile set-up at the Viaduct location with graphic novels on hand! Come for a ride, pick up a book, meet some authors, and just enjoy a beautiful day in the sunshine.
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