~ Activating Dormant Codes ~

"The way towards wisdom or towards freedom is the way towards your inner being."
~ Mircea Eliade
I'm amazed by the consciousness shifts and vast expansion of possibility I have realized as a response to inherently "recognizing" a predominant, self-limiting belief and Soul Lesson last month.
Soul Lesson
I do not have to "do" any more or "be" any more than I already am. I have always been enough.

This lesson may appear simple. In fact, I have received this message in various forms from a multitude of sources for years, however, last month, in an instant, I experienced a profound shift from a "proving myself" consciousness to a "knowing myself" consciousness. Additionally, by objectively re-cognizing environments that were no longer a vibrational match, I've organically and consciously transitioned into a higher vibrational plane and am seamlessly integrating the flow of new timelines and frequencies.   
In layman's terms: I feel wiser, freer and more alive each day. My challenges are lessons of heightened self-awareness and evolution. When I experience pain, I illuminate all aspects of the darkness with my own light, rather than falling prey to debilitating ego-based fears. The underlying and sneaky need for personal recognition has greatly diminished, and I feel an amplification of light in and around me. It is as if, my Divine Self is truly leading, yet in an effortless and natural way. 
These are not new discoveries or perspectives in interpreting my reality; in fact, the allowance of my Higher Self to navigate has been integral to my Spiritual & Human Experience for the past few years, however, I feel an expanded level of peace and serenity that is pervading my experiences rather than the echo of ego. I have actualized this experience in my physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual consciousness and can easily correlate the shifts.
The invitation to engage in a higher dimensional reality is upon us. We can all play around with moving through and in and out of various levels of consciousness, timelines, dimensions, and awareness, yet there is a tipping point, so to speak that will free us if we are willing to thoroughly review our roles. The discipline, practice, and integration associated with the experience  of Spiritual Awakening and Evolution is key.

I urge anyone who is feeling lost, waves of emotion, anxiety, continual pain, struggle, and limitation more often than experiencing an alignment with a Higher Purpose and Source Consciousness to take some time to ask yourself the following: What does Freedom feel like? Do I believe I am worthy of freedom in every aspect of my being? 
Monthly Mantra
I am allowing light encoded filaments of pure potential to metabolize, activating dormant DNA and cellular memory within every aspect of my being.
Below is a worksheet for guidance and contemplation around "Objective Self-Realization." It is a great tool and exercise to incorporate into a routine personal & spiritual development practice.
Objective Self-Realization Worksheet

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November is a 3 Universal Month
November = 11 Month
2017 = 1 Universal Year
1 + 11 = 3 
111  activation code

Divine Creativity  Productivity  Fertility  Relief  Manifestation  Sacred Newness  Breakthroughs Joy  Emotional Release Self Expression Sensitivity 

Numerology Intentions

I allow the creative flow of Divine Consciousness in all aspects of my reality.

I continually recognize the fruits of my labor and feel abundantly grateful.


Taurus Full, Super Moon - November 4th
Scorpio New Moon - November 18th
Neptune Direct, Pisces - November 22nd

Realm of Emotion  Intensity  Scorpio  water  Dreams  Sagittarius Evolution  Hidden Gifts Unconscious Psychic Awareness Values

Astrology Intentions

I allow honesty, integrity and light in all verbal and non-verbal communication.

I feel safe in embracing the fullness of my human experience and recognize intimacy, confidence and trust in my interactions.

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