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"Your beginning never dictates your destination." 

-The Inspirational & Soul-Full, Tyler Perry
2017 has certainly proffered a year of rapid expansion, higher insights and unfolding truths. For me, the experiences have been adventurous, organic, exhilarating, activating and multi-diminsional (literally), showing me who I AM in this lifetime and others past and future. Additionally, 2017 has challenged my knowing, exposed pain, primal insecurities, and an over-exertion of effort, as well as presenting uncertainty in my significance, and in the legacy I wish to leave. As I review the year, where I began certainly isn't where I ended up, and I love that! What Tyler Perry says about our beginnings never dictating our destination is truly the essence of this year for me.
Have you taken time to review your growth over the year?
The 1 Universal Year of 2017 has been a year of primal momentum, pioneering a new cycle, and one of establishing a foundation for what you wish to manifest in the years ahead.
2+0+1+7 = 10
1+0 = 1

2018, an 11/2 Universal Year, holds a subtle and more intentional frequency that will evoke a different personal and spiritual tool-kit. Great shifts and consciousness expansion are afoot for 2018 and the years ahead.

2+0+1+8 = 11
1+1= 2

2018 will show us that we are most effective when we assess a situation personally and globally, seeing what we as individuals 1st can change. Common sense will be the bridge between the mind and the heart. Sound unusual? Maybe so, but it's rather simple:

Use your intellect & experience in conjunction with your feelings &  gut instincts to find a balanced solution. This is the essence of the number 11.
We are coming to the end of the age of logic and the beginning of the age of paradox.
#1 Embrace Common Sense
#2 Question Your Reality
Allow the journey of higher consciousness to unfold...
It is with gratitude and reverence that I close out the year of 2017. Thank you all for sharing your wisdom, your vulnerability, and your uniqueness.


~ 'Tis Your Season ~
2017-2018 Readings


Schedule A 2017-2018 Reading
By communicating our intentions, we use our authentic voice to call in Purpose & Meaning. 

Did you know that 2018 is an 11 Universal Year in Numerology? The year of Manifestation through Collaboration!

Join fellow spiritual gangster Guinevere Lynn & me as we collaborate, sharing our magical insights & practical wisdom. 
Saturday, January 6th
10:00am - 12:30pm
Austin, TX
Details & Registration
10% of the profits will be donated to University High School of Austin, TX - a safe, sober, scholastic place for teens in recovery. 

Excited for a 2018 Return to
Bluebird Sky Yoga
Washington, D.C.

Tap Into & Optimize Dormant Intelligence In Your Cells & DNA

Recognize & Actualize Higher Frequencies 

Level I
January 28, 2018

Level II
January 26, 2018 

(Prerequisite, Level I)
Details & Registration
December is a 4 Universal Month
November = 12 Month
2017 = 1 Universal Year
1 + 12 = 13
1+3 = 4

 Stability   Dependability   ASPIRATIONS   Solid Foundations 
FOCUS   Pragmatism   Boundaries  
Perseverance   GROUNDING   Revelation of Obstacles 

Numerology Intentions

My consciousness and attention is effortlessly focused on creating stability and solid foundations that support my Higher Purpose.

I establish healthy boundaries in all aspects of my life and in turn, create the freedom to fully express myself and effectively use my energy.


Gemini Full, Super Moon - 3rd
Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius - 3rd
Chiron Direct in Pisces - 5th
Sagittarius New Moon - 18th
Saturn Moves to Capricorn - 19th
Winter Solstice - 21st
Sun Moves into Capricorn - 22nd
Mercury Direct in Sagittarius - 22nd

Reflection   Fire   RELEASE   Ideals  Dreams  
   Healing    Inspiration   INNOVATION
Capricorn    Focus  Awareness REVELATIONS

Astrology Intentions

I pause, honoring all revelations, insights, and fleeting thoughts as opportunities for expanded consciousness.

I effortlessly allow rest, rejuvenation, integration and healing, releasing the need to fill my conscious-mind with constant stimulation.

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