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As I write my new book, Overcoming Challenges, I share about how there was no recipe for me to heal my life from conversion disorder.  Paralysis, pseudo seizures, speech issues and memory loss had left me wondering if I could make it.

Connecting with others was difficult because I did not know anyone and the internet was not around in those days.  There was no social media and so I went many years before I met another person who had gone through this.

One of the things that I realized was that there was no step-by-step healing approach that would work.  I would have to turn over every stone in my path to see what worked and what did not for my life.  Many times, I almost gave up, but something deep inside kept me going.

As I look back, I realize that there was one moment in the hospital where an exercise had me feeling something deep in my body.  I could not describe it at the time, but I felt it. 

This feeling left me wanting to find a way to repeat and replicate it.  Although I didn’t have a clue how to do this, it became my journey of healing which opened so much more possibility than I thought was possible.

Sometimes in life, we look at what everyone says to do as being the whole truth, but we fail to allow ourselves the possibility of looking beyond what we see. 

Healing isn’t always found in a beautifully wrapped package with a bow.  Often, it is turning over the rocks in our path to see what works and what does not.



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