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Are You Too Serious In Life?

When was the last time you just had a good laugh?  You know, the type of laugh where you just make the belly rumble with glee.  The kind of laughter where you just get silly and goofy and crazy.

I know that I can get so focused on what I want or need to accomplish in a day that I become far too serious.  It is just too easy to do that and forget to step back, stop, and have some fun in life.  

The body reacts to what we are doing and how we are dealing with stress.  If we aren’t enjoying life, our body responds in that way.  If we are not getting rid of stress, then our body holds all that in with rigidity.

Laughing not only helps the body to let go, but it also releases the nice hormones that make us feel good.  It is quite healthy for us to do. 

In fact, if we spend more time having a good laugh in life, we most likely will feel better.  Our mood will improve.  

Laughing makes us young again and gets that blood pumping through our body.  It shows that we are human to others and it helps make the world a little more peaceful.  

So are you too serious in life?  If so, find a way to have a good laugh.  Your life depends on it!


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   Topic:  Mental Health
       Date:  March 24, 2018
Time:  11 am EST
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