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How Do We Impact Others?

So often we go through our days, and we don’t see what impact we have on others in this world.  We may know at times, but sometimes we truly don’t know.

Today, I got a note from someone who shared publicly how much my life had impacted theirs.  It was one of those messages that brought tears to my eyes.  While I think I did know to some degree that my life made a difference in theirs, this brought it home to me. 

We touch the lives of others by being ourselves and reaching out where we can.  When we are vulnerable to others, they connect in ways that words will never fully describe.  Touching lives isn’t for fame or fortune.  It is for helping other weary souls find their way.

It doesn’t always require grandiose accomplishments or waving a neon sign alerting others that we are there to help.  Often, it is in the little things and in the moments where we are just there for others.  We help them from a deep place in our hearts, not thinking of any benefit we may get from it

The world needs us to be there for other people that are hurting, lonely, and weary.  Each of us in this world needs to do our part because if we don’t, who will?    

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