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Life is better at the Lake . . . and at Lakeshore Humane Society! See why.

August 2022
Vader is available to go on adventures with you
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August 20 and 21
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Donation Drop-offs: August 16,17,18
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Now Through August 21
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Thursday, August 25
6:30 pm - Public Welcome
LHS Adoption Center

Sunday, October 23
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LHS Adoption Center

Our Biggest Fundraiser of the Year
Everyone's favorite yard sale is back at the County Fairgrounds this month. Note an important change this year: to be fair to all shoppers and to allow volunteers to organize items efficiently, there will be NO early bird shopping during donation drop offs. Thank you for your understanding.
Early bird shopping will only take place on Friday beginning at noon.
Volunteers Needed
Putting on the Yard Sale is a huge job. If you can help, please leave us a message at 716-672-1991.
Purchase Raffle Tickets
at the LHS Adoption Center
or at the Yard Sale
Adoption News
Featured Dog:
Bella is a beautiful retriever mix who is approximately 3 years old. She came to us in pretty rough shape. Bella had been allowed to wander and we are unsure if she ever spent time in a house. She was severely matted and needed to be shaved down. We soon learned she was positive for both heartworm and Lyme Disease. She has gone through treatments for both while staying in a loving foster home. She is now housebroken and learning to walk on a leash. Bella has been working on basic commands and her new owner will need to continue that with her. She does need to be an only pet.

Despite all that Bella has been through, she is an incredibly sweet, loving girl. Bella did not have a great start to her life but she is ready for a new beginning. If you are willing to give Bella the life she deserves and shower her with so much love that she forgets her past, please fill out our online application. Bella will be at SATURDAY adoption hours 12-3pm.
Featured Cat:
Peedie is 11 months old. This handsome boy is happy, healthy, and affectionate. He loves when you offer your lap for his nap! If you can offer your lap, fill out an application.
Adoptions for the Month

8 cats and 8 dogs
These Pets Have Found Safe Harbor
Sadie heads to a new home and lots of hugs.
Brad has found his people!
Mr. Gadget is on his way to a new life with mom and dad in his forever home in Kenmore, NY. Big brother Ben picked him up on his way home from Reserve Duty and is thrilled beyond words with this guy! Momma Roz is counting down the minutes til his arrival.
Our big goofy boy Callum is on his way home to Forestville and his new family. He will be joining mom, dad, two sisters, and fur sister Daisy in the country. Happy life, sweet boy!
Little Bert with his new pet mom.
Evie goes home to be spoiled by this lady.
It was love at first sight for this adopter and pretty little Autumn.
Kelly gets to start a new life with this young woman.
Volunteer and dog manager Kim takes Peter home and renames him Samson.
New dad Dan came to pick up Nippy. She is going to grow up with her two human sisters Lexie and Quinn.
Hero leaves PetSmart for his forever home.
Marcella (now Ruth after Ruth Ginsberg) ready to head out. She was chillin in the carrier so we let her be.
Cookie has come a long way in her time at LHS and now she looks grateful to be chosen to live with this great family right in Dunkirk.
The "Brady Bunch" dogs have each been finding their forever homes. After caring for two litters of puppies, mama Carol, now Rosie, will receive all the love and care she deserves from this couple.
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! It was worth the wait to find this delightful family. They even had a fence installed just for her.
Shy Bobby has left the building with this very sweet patient new family.
Good luck, Bobby,  and enjoy the life you deserve.

Now for the Partridge Boys. Keith (left) will have the perfect playmate at his new house.

Danny, left, will now be known as Finnegan, Finn for short. He has two dog siblings and a big yard to run all day long! His mom is experienced with herding breeds and she can’t wait to take him on hikes and maybe even kayaking!
And the last two Partridge Boys left the building during the 10th Anniversary Celebration. Reuben (left) and Chris made these adopters very happy.
Events and Visits
Community Helps Us Celebrate Adoption Center 10th Anniversary
The LHS Adoption Center welcomed an ongoing stream of visitors on the sunny afternoon of July 30th to celebrate 10 years in our new building in Dunkirk. Guests caught up with old friends and new while enjoying live music by Steve Spears and Ion Sky, refreshments, giveaways, building tours, and more. Thank you to everyone who came out to show their support.
Silver Creek Lunch Ladies
Serve Up a Generous Portion
Once again, the Silver Creek School Lunch Ladies collected a huge amount of supplies to donate to Lakeshore Humane Society. Shown with just a sample of the carload they delivered are Diana, Tracey, Krista, and Kody. We are extremely grateful!
LHS Volunteers Raise Funds
at Stadium Concession
If you attended the Garth Brooks concert at Highmark Stadium on July 23, you may have seen some LHS faces behind the refreshment counters. Twenty-eight volunteers spent the day preparing and serving food and drinks at four of the concession stands as a way to raise money for LHS. It was a long, hot day but everyone persevered and worked together knowing the LHS dogs and cats would benefit!

Pictured is one of the work crews in the “Dog House” - Bill, Lorraine, Cindy, Terri, Sue, and Sharon
Local Seniors Encounter
Youthful Exuberance
Puppies Nemo and Millie are delightful handfuls for recent visitors from
St. Columban's on the Lake Retirement Home.

Other News

Volunteer Spotlight
The Saturday morning cat crew is big because that’s when they do the major cleaning for the week.
Standing: Rock Vallone, Barb McKoon, Marie Frank,
Patty Patterson, Don Fellows
Front: Denise Afton, Linda Smagner (holding Jaxson)
Not pictured: Lisa Uhlendorff
Rock Vallone
Rock Vallone should be known to anyone familiar with Lakeshore Humane Society or Dunkirk. In 1980, fresh out of college, he joined a group of eight people meeting as the Dunkirk Humane Society who were fostering animals in their homes. Soon, the cats were being housed in Rock’s barn and the organization was renamed the Lakeshore Humane Society. Rock has held every office over the years and is currently the recording secretary. He grew up in Nyack, NY and attended SUNY Fredonia for biology. After college, he stayed in the area and taught science in the Dunkirk Public Schools for about 19 years and then was an administrator for 14 years, notably principal of Dunkirk Middle School. Now retired, he still teaches part time at the college. Rock’s family had no pets when he was growing up. He always wanted a dog and finally got one during his last year in college. Soon after, a cat moved in with him. Now he has a bunch of cats, two dogs, and four birds. He enjoys gardening, travel, and spending lots of time at LHS.

Barb McKoon
Barb has been volunteering with LHS for 21 years, back when it was based in Rock’s barn. Her daughter Shannon got her involved and now they share cat manager duties. Barb said she loves being around animals and the Saturday morning cat crew, calling them fantastic, dedicated volunteers. Barb retired from SUNY Fredonia in 2008 where she was a janitor in the dorms. She and her husband, Richard, have been married 53 years and have two daughters and three grandsons. They also have a dog and five cats at home. Barb enjoys crossword puzzles, old movies, and time with family.

Marie Frank
Marie is the wisecracking “laundry lady” of the crew. At 80 years old, she still works as a teacher’s aide at Wheelock School and in summer school, and she cleans for a friend. She has had various other jobs in the past, including at Tuscany Deli. She got involved with LHS over eight years ago, at first at the Yard Sale. Marie used to live in Arkwright but moved to Dunkirk after her husband died. She has two sons and three grandchildren. She has had many dogs over the years and currently has one Chihuahua. She likes walking and reading.

Patty Patterson
Patty loves the Saturday crew: they have fun, and everyone pitches in to get the work done. She got involved many years ago and even adopted one of the cats from Rock’s garage. When the LHS Adoption Center opened ten years ago, Patty started volunteering on Saturday mornings and has done so ever since. She retired from Verizon in 2001 after 31 years as an operator. She and her husband, Bill, have two sons, Michael and Mark, and three grandchildren. They also have two cats. Patty enjoys knitting things to give as gifts and sell at the Water’s Edge shop.

Don Fellows
Don has been volunteering with LHS for about a year. He recently moved back to Dunkirk from Pittsburgh after a 40+ year career as a church musician (organist) which also included Buffalo and Chicago. He still travels sometimes to play concerts but is thrilled to be able to have time to volunteer with this fun Saturday crew. He has had several cats, and his current three cats are all from LHS. Don enjoys gardening, reading, and practicing the organ.

Denise Afton
Denise has been an LHS volunteer since 2019. It started when she called about three feral cats in the parking lot where she worked. She helped an LHS volunteer to trap them and adopted one. Then she was hooked. She has also adopted two other cats from LHS. Denise has been an optical assistant for 30 years at Albert Eye Care. She has also taught yoga and dance. Denise has been married for nine years and has two grown children. In addition to her passion for the cats at LHS, she enjoys yoga and time with family.

Linda Smagner
Linda loves animals and she jumped at an invitation eight years ago to volunteer with LHS. She started with two shifts on the dog side. This year she switched one to the cat side. She also helps out at fundraising events such as selling LHS merchandise at local craft shows. Linda retired nine years ago after 33 years as a school nurse in Dunkirk. She has three grown children and one grandson. At home she has two Chihuahuas and a Terrier. She likes walking, gardening, and travel.

Lisa Uhlendorff
Lisa is a young woman who feels most comfortable with animals and has been volunteering at LHS for about two years. She lives with her parents and has a bird at home. She likes to knit, crochet, and garden.

The LHS mascot, Jaxson, passed away a few weeks after this photo. He was about 20 years old.

Life at the Adoption Center
Nemo wants to play with the big boys.
Millie enjoys a dip in the lake.
Affectionate Kelly and Cassie perk up for a visitor.
Naomi and Autumn get cozy as they wait to be adopted.
Recently rescued kittens enjoy the comforts of being indoors.
Vader could play with this ball all day.
Just two ducks trying to stay cool on a sweltering July day.
Injured Stray Saved
by LHS Volunteer
Memorial Day Weekend, an orange cat was spotted by residents running across the Seymour and Howard Street area of Fredonia. He was bloody. No one knows what happened or where he came from, but his back leg was obviously very injured.

One resident, Brooke, who is a volunteer at Lakeshore Humane Society, spearheaded the effort to help this cat. Since he was injured, LHS kindly agreed to take him once he was caught. Brooke named him Mandarin, after the oranges.
She got other cat colony caretakers in the immediate area to stop feeding him so that he would come to her house where the traps were set. But Mandarin avoided all the traps. He hid in storm drains and waited it out, risking starving rather than being caught.

Not willing to give up on him, Brooke persisted every evening, staying up late at night and even away from her own four dogs to make sure Mandarin showed up to eat. She would talk to him while she fed him Fancy Feast, treats, and lots of boiled and rotisserie chicken. No tuna fish or sardines for this boy! Mandarin would eat under Brooke’s car, and often fell asleep there, but would wake the moment Brooke moved. Since Mandarin was avoiding the traps, Brooke was trying to lure him into her garage. At one point, she was even able to grab him, but she let go when he became agitated.

Eventually, Mandarin stopped his usual morning visits. He was losing a lot of weight and growing weak. He was spotted sleeping in the road but ran into a storm drain when residents approached. A trapper was called in to help in mid-July. Mandarin was not seen for a couple of days.Then he showed up one evening a bit earlier than usual, clearly hungry. He finally went for the rotisserie chicken dinner under the box trap and was caught! Mandarin did not freak out but was smoothly transferred from the box trap into the regular trap. He was tired and ready for help.

The trapper kindly took Mandarin home overnight to care for him and then straight to Encompass Animal Care and Health in Hamburg that morning. He received fluids for dehydration, as well as x-rays and bloodwork. It was found that Mandarin’s blood was clotting too much, so he would need to be put on aspirin before surgery could be scheduled. He tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and the x-rays showed his hip had also been slightly crushed but had already started to heal. The bones in Mandarin’s broken leg had also been protruding through his skin, causing him to bleed.
On July 28 Mandarin was taken back to Encompass where both Dr. Andrea Yowpa and Dr. Jennifer Graf performed surgery to amputate his back leg. He was also neutered. Mandarin is staying with the trapper where he is resting comfortably and receiving after-surgery care. Brooke has also been going often to visit with Mandarin. It isn’t known yet how friendly Mandarin will be. He is allowing pets and even kisses to his forehead, and everyone is hopeful that he will be even more sociable once he is fully healed and feeling better. Either way, with having just three legs, Mandarin will be looking for an indoor-only home.

FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) is a feline only disease. It cannot be transferred to humans or other animals and can only be spread to other cats through deep bite wounds inflicted during fighting. It is not spread through casual contact like sharing food and water bowls or grooming. FIV-negative and FIV-positive cats can live together as long as they get along and do not fight. Most importantly, FIV-positive cats, such as Mandarin, can live normal healthy, symptom-free lives but they should live in low- stress environments. It’s also recommended they receive semi-annual vet checks to make sure any symptoms are being managed.

If you find an injured community cat, please reach out for help. LHS has traps to lend out and will assist with the trapping process. Assistance is also available for spaying and neutering of community cats (TNVR – Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return) as well as your personal feline companions.
- Jenny Sullivan

Homeless Animals' Day
August 20, 2022

International Homeless Animals’ Day, on the third Saturday in August,
focuses on the pet overpopulation problem and how to help solve it.

Sadly, over 70 million homeless animals fill shelters in the United
States. Organizations like LHS step up to reduce the number of homeless,
find homes, and prevent the population from increasing.

If you’re concerned about the pet population, here are some things you can do:
  •     Commit to volunteering at your local animal shelter
  •     Adopt a homeless cat or dog
  •     Start raising money for your local animal shelter
  •     Educate others on the importance of spaying/neutering
  •     Encourage people to adopt a pet rather than buy one

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