June 2022
Mak enjoys a treat on one of his outings before being adopted.
Thank you, ladies!

Upcoming Events

Thursday, June 9
Virtual Fundraiser
see below

Sunday, June 12
American Legion Post 62

Saturday, June 18
Pre-Sale / Drive-Thru
Basket Raffles
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
LHS Adoption Center
see below

July 14 - 16
GIVE 716
Virtual Fundraiser

Sunday, July 31
LHS Adoption Center

August 20 and 21
Pre-Sale August 19
County Fairgrounds
Mark your calendar for June 9.
LHS is participating in the county-wide Give Big CHQ fundraising day.
Donate to your favorite local cause (guess who?)

Donate to LHS on June 9

Chicken BBQ Ticket Sales Ending Soon

In-Person Sales at Adoption Center end Wednesday, June 15 at 8 pm
(Off-Site Sales by Volunteers end June 8)

Online Sales end Friday, June 17 at noon

Purchase Paper Tickets at LHS Adoption Center

Purchase Virtual Tickets Online
Note: Only in-person sales will receive a paper ticket.
Online sales are virtual. Just give your name at pickup.
And there's still time to bid on our
May / June Raffle Baskets
Stop by any Saturday 12 - 3 or Wednesday evening 6 - 8 during our adoption open hours and see what you can win. A sheet of 25 tickets is $10. Drawing will be at the Chicken BBQ on June 18th. Winners need not be present to win.

Remembrance Bricks
Summer brick orders need to be in before June 20th

Remember a loved one with a Remembrance Brick.  Details and an order form can be found on the

LHS Remembrance Brick Page.

Adoption News
Featured Dog:
Cookie is a 4 year old pit/lab mix. She is the most spunky, fun, loving girl ever. This girl has so much personality! She loves to run around and has such a goofy little attitude. Cookie would make a loyal companion, she will love you until the end. Loves car rides, walks, and just hanging out in the yard. Meet and greet needed for other dogs, but no cats. No renters please due to landlord restrictions. To meet Cookie stop in during open hours Wednesday 6-8pm or Saturday 12-3pm.
Featured Cat:
Our Baby is such a little girl. She likes to snuggle in, as seen here, because she feels secure. The right family could give her that security. She is a pretty, petite two year old.

20 cats and 9 dogs
I Scream, You Scream,
We All Got Adopted!
Ollie is pictured with his new mom and dad and a new cousin to play with. Ollie will be joining a cat and a bearded dragon at home as well.
The songbird named ”Betty” - formerly known as Tess - has left for a new performance venue.
Creamsicle (pictured) and Nellie found a home with this couple.
Pretty Rosita is in for lots of loving.
Happy life, Angel. We look forward to lots of updates.
Lovable Mak is off to adventures with his new dad Kenneth.
It was finally Cookie's turn!
Buddy goes home to be spoiled by this couple.
The princesses Anna and Elsa are on their way to their new castle.
This young man has a lot of patience, so Whiskey should flourish in his care.
Events and Visits

Run Fur Rescues Selfies
SUNY Fredonia’s American Society for Quality Club held their Run Fur Rescues virtual run/walk in late April to raise money for the LHS Spay and Neuter Program. Participants were encouraged to bring their pets. Here are some of the people and their pets who helped raise funds. Thank you!
LHS Board Member Rock Vallone participated  with his dogs Stella and Micha
Lisa and Tom Walters completed a 5K for the Run fur Rescues.
Obi, their rescue cat, waited for them at home.

Mary Lou DeWolf and Churchill enjoyed a walk for Run fur Rescues.

Purina Comes Through Again
Purina employees and LHS volunteers proudly wear their Purina-LHS fundraiser shirts as Purina presents a generous donation from the shirt sale.

GA Family Services Farewell Gift
May 3 was the last day for the students from GA Family Services. They completed a weekly eight-week "internship" helping out at the Adoption Center. Here is LHS President Sue Styborksi accepting their gift of a radio/CD player to provide background music for the cat area.

BOCES Vet Tech Provides

Donation and Spa Days
Juniors from the BOCES Veterinary Technician program stopped by with a donation of slip leashes, martingale collars, and nail trimmers purchased through a grant from Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation.

And the vet tech program continues to welcome an LHS dog every other week for a "spa day." This past month they took care of Buddy, Elsa & Anna, and Max (photos below). Thank you to the students and their teacher Holly Lemke

Reading to Cats . . .
Students from kindergarten through 2nd grade classes at Dunkirk School #7 visited on two different days to read to the shelter cats. And they also donated some supplies. Thanks, kids!

Yappy Hour
Captain Ale in Dunkirk held a "Yappy Hour" on May 21 to raise funds for Lakeshore Humane Society and Sadies Safe Harbor Canine Rescue. Attendees had a good time for a good cause.
Other News

Volunteer Spotlight
The Monday afternoon dog crew is small but mighty. This is a rare shot of them sitting down.
Monday afternoon dog volunteers (l-r):
Jody Arnold, Kim Salerno, Gretchen Weigle
Not pictured: Jena Willebrandt
Jody Arnold
Jody began volunteering at LHS in January because of her love of dogs and wanting to help them. She had just retired from E2CC BOCES but her main career had been administrative assistant at Carriage House for 32 years. She adopted her 11-year-old dog Willis from LHS and eventually she would like to foster small dogs. Jody’s son is executive director of United Way and her daughter is in health care management. She also has two grandsons. Jody loves camping, which was how the family vacationed when the kids were growing up. She also likes to read and do diamond painting.

Kim Salerno
Kim has been with LHS for about eight years and serves as one of the two dog managers. She got started when her children learned about LHS at JCC Kids College one summer and they wanted to volunteer. She wants to help animals find good homes, especially after they have been let down by other people. Kim is retired from Verizon. She and her husband Dan have two daughters: Gina is a college freshman and Alyssa is a high school junior. They also have a golden retriever, Bella. Kim enjoys camping vacations and being with family.

Gretchen Weigle
Gretchen has been volunteering for about six months. She and her husband Justin had recently moved from Westfield to Dunkirk, and she saw the LHS adoption center while on a bike ride. She loves animals and has a sheltie dog named Tucker. Gretchen is a music therapist at Chautauqua Hospice. She likes to read and work on renovating the old house they bought.

Purrfect Sandals for Summer
The Cat's Meow Boutique now has a large selection of slides in sizes 6 - 11. These  popular slip-ons come in  paw print, dragonfly, and butterfly designs. These comfortable, lightweight shoes have many returning customers each season. Great for everyday wear and easily cleaned! All sales benefit our animals. Shop now for the best selection. $16.

Life at the Adoption Center
The seven puppies from the neglect situation are coming out of their shells . . .
. . . while their mother, Carol Brady, raises a second litter in foster care.
Meet the Partridge Boys: Reuben, Keith, Danny, and Chris.

And kittens begin exploring the world in another foster home.

Quiz: Are You Ready for a Dog?

There are so many wonderful reasons to get a dog. But for some of us, there may be a few reasons not to have one. Don't just think about how a dog will enhance your life, but ask yourself, "What am I willing to do to enhance the life of my dog?" Take this quiz and see if the time for you to have a dog is now.

1. What do you expect your life to be like in the next few years?

    A. I expect them to continue the way it is without any unforeseen crisis or surprise.
    B. I anticipate that my life will hold any number of possible changes, like a career change, new baby, travel, or retirement.
    C. Years? I don't know what my life will be like tomorrow.
    D. I expect my life to continue the way it is, but if something comes my way, I’m ready.

2. How much time does an adult in your household spend at home — awake?

    A. Someone is home most of the day.
    B. Somebody's at home, and awake, 3 to 5 hours a day.
    C. There is someone home less than 3 waking hours a day.
    D. Somebody's at home, and awake, 6 to 8 hours a day.

3. How would you best describe your home?

    A. A showplace.
    B. Comfortable and lived in.
    C. A chaotic mess.
    D. New and never lived in.

4. How would you be affected if your dog needed surgery or special medical care that would cost in excess of $500?

    A. It would be a strain financially and might put me in debt.
    B. I could handle it, but I'd have to make some adjustments.
    C. It would pose no problem financially.
    D. I would give the dog away or put it down.

5. Which of the following best describes your living situation?

    A. I rent an apartment.
    B. I rent a house.
    C. I own my own home.
    D. I am living with someone right now.

6. What would be your support system for the dog when you go out of town?

    A. My sister (parent, neighbor, friend, etc.) has offered to dog-sit whenever I'm away.
    B. There's a good kennel nearby.
    C. I figure I'll only go places where I can take the dog.
    D. I don’t know.

7. How often do you travel?

    A. I don't get away very much, just a few days here and there.
    B. I love to travel and am off and running whenever I have the time and money.
    C. I'm out of town for a few days every couple of weeks on business.
    D. I go out once or twice a year for vacation.

8. Which answer most closely describes why you want to get a dog?

    A. A dog would be a loving addition to my life and our family.
    B. I'm lonely, and a dog would be great company and a way for me to meet people.
    C. Having a dog will be a great way for my children to learn a sense of responsibility.
    D. Dogs are cute and would be fun to play with.


Add up your scores...

    1.  A:2 ,B:3 ,C:4 ,D:1
    2.  A:1 ,B:3 ,C:4 ,D:2
    3.  A:3 ,B:1 ,C:4 ,D:2
    4.  A:3 ,B:2 ,C:1 ,D:4
    5.  A:4 ,B:2 ,C:1 ,D:3
    6.  A:1 ,B:2 ,C:3 ,D:4
    7.  A:2 ,B:3 ,C:4 ,D:1
    8.  A:1 ,B:3 ,C:2 ,D:4

If you scored….

You’re ready…
You have the right attitude for being a dog owner. You understand the responsibility entailed with a dog. You are ready to make a lifelong commitment to your dog. You want to have a dog become a loving member of your family. You are prepared for all of the work it will require. You're ready for all of the surprises.

Your heart is probably in the right place. You think you want a dog, but you still need to seriously consider all the issues involved. It may be best to re-evaluate your circumstances at a later date. If you're set on getting a dog now, you should make some changes in your lifestyle to prepare yourself for becoming a dog owner. A lot of time, not only for training, but also for the responsibilities and challenges that come with bringing a dog into your family. If you decide you simply can't commit now, there are alternatives that may satisfy your dog desires. Spend some time with your friends' dogs. Offer to dog-sit when friends go out of town. Volunteer at a local animal shelter or kennel. Do some more research. When you are finally ready, begin making the adjustments to turn your home into a dog's home.

You should really think this through…
Although you may feel strongly about having a dog, stop and reconsider. Rather than answering the question, 'Do I want a dog?' turn the question around and ask: 'Would a dog want me?' Would a dog be able to depend on you to housebreak it and train it with love, patience, and positive reinforcement; to walk it in the rain, even if you have a cold; to love it through sickness and health, housebreaking accidents, and gnawed table-legs? If not, and you’re in doubt, you’re probably not ready to have a dog. It's okay, it doesn't mean you're a bad person. This may not be the time for you — but think about it again at a later date when either you or your circumstances have changed. In the meantime, enjoy your friends' dogs or volunteer at a local animal shelter. But don't give in to the impulse to take one home when a sad and lonely puppy cocks its head and flutters its eyelashes — wait until the time is right.
Quiz courtesy of
The National Dog Rescue Connection
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