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October 2020
Ramsey is available for adoption
Upcoming Events
Sunday, October 4
9 am - 3 pm
Adoption Center

Adoption News

Featured Dogs:

Chi Chi, Coco, and Sophie
                    Chi Chi
Volunteer Janet spending time with the three Chis.
It's a Chihuahua invasion. These three cuties came in last week. They still have some vet appointments but will be ready for adoption very soon. Chi Chi is an 8 year old male who arrived with an injured eye. He was scared and snarky at first but is warming up to people. Coco is a 6 year old male who cries but responds well to comforting. Sophie, also 6, was originally cautious about being picked up but now she and Coco both beg for it.

If you're interested in adopting any or all of these pups, get your application in.

Featured Cats:

Marvel, Daisy, and Asher
Marvel was among about 19 kittens from the same site. He had surgery to clean out grubs and abscesses. He is about three months old now and ready to be adopted.
Daisy is also three months old and a little peanut. But she thinks she’s the biggest of all. And the other kittens twice her size don’t mess with whatever toy she’s playing with.
Asher is around three months also. A sweet boy.  Getting his picture was difficult because he loves to play and doesn’t want to sit still. So you have to get it when he’s too tuckered out to play anymore. Loves to roughhouse with his siblings.

15 cats and 5 dogs
Happy Homecomings
Meet the Stahlmans, and yes the little black cone head is Lucy. She now lives with them in an old restored church and will be sleeping in the chapel.
Little Peanut heading home to lots of love.
Beautiful Margo found her family
The Mighty Quinn at his new home with some mighty nice people.
Cricket (was Wyoming) with adopters Anthony and Taylor, along with volunteer Karen.
The family that adopted Buddy (now named Bailey)
tells us he's doing amazingly well.

Events and Visits
Scrap Metal Recycling Proceeds
Mom and Pops Recycling presented members of Lakeshore Humane Society with a check from the scrap metal drive held in August. Pictured (l-r) are: Rebecca Cuthbert (holding Peanut), LHS President Rock Vallone, George Sinclair, Robert Ehrheart, Jeff Sysco of Mom and Pops Recycling, Roger Krumrie of Jolly Roger Recycling, and Al Pacos.
Basket Raffle
Take a chance on winning one of these beautiful baskets. $10 for a card of 25 tickets.
Tickets will be for sale in the Adoption Center lobby this Friday (October 2) 8:30 - 10:00 am and Saturday (October 3) 9:00 - 11:30 am.
Tickets will also be sold at the Dog Walk / Chicken BBQ on October 4 with the drawing to follow.
Hand-Made Face Masks for Sale
Show your support for shelter animals. Hand-sewn face masks have two layers of prewashed / preshrunk 100% cotton and adjustable soft ear loops for a secure fit. Adult sizes S, M, L.
  • LHS logo masks in choice of 5 colors are $12 each
  • Print masks in choice of dogs, cats, or paws are $10 each
  • Not all sizes are available in each variety.
Limited quantities will be for sale during the Pat McGee Dog Walk on October 4.
(Pre-ordered masks available for pickup that day)
Also at the LHS Boutique . . .

Start your holiday shopping early (and yes buying yourself something from LHS is totally acceptable!)

Soft and substantial polar fleece jackets: black with purple paw prints and trim. Full zipper front, two side zippered pockets, high neck.

There will also be a table of Halloween items AND a sale rack of assorted tee shirts for only $5 each along with other boutique items.

Every purchase helps our animals!
Other News

Life at the Adoption Center
Sophie loves having foster kittens like BellaMae stay at her house.
Petunia is a climber.
Tuvi is an unusual light gray tiger with short hair.
Playful puppy Lily
enjoys some fresh air.
Bernard is held by a volunteer.
Little Simon has made a remarkable recovery.
Princess chilling out
Brenna exploring
Lucy seemed a little nervous at first. But the bed was nice.
Don't let his expression fool you. Chip loves to be held, when he's not running.
Billy was a happy guy from day one.
Rosie enjoys getting out for walks.
Volunteer Rebecca comforts two new arrivals in their kennel.
A Message from the Board

        Lakeshore Humane Society is an independent, non profit, totally volunteer organization. We get no outside funding but exist solely on generous donations and volunteer-run fundraisers.
        Monetary donations are gratefully accepted. Because all our dogs and cats are spayed or neutered and vaccinated before adoption, our veterinary bills are one of our biggest expenses. Many times the animals that come to us have additional medical needs and require special care beyond regular care which add to our expenses.
        In addition to veterinary costs, we have the normal expenses of maintaining our Adoption Center, such as utilities and insurance. While we are very grateful to Nestle Purina for donations of cat and dog food and treats, sometimes a dog or cat needs special food which we must purchase. Donations of food, treats, litter and xylitol-free peanut butter are always welcome. Nothing goes to waste. If we can’t use something, we share it with others such as the Pet Pantry.

        Cleaning supplies are always needed. Items such as bleach, HE laundry detergent, paper towels and Dawn blue dish detergent are in great demand. General cleaning supplies are also needed on a regular basis. Toilet paper, tissues, window cleaner, disinfectant wipes, floor cleaner, sponges, hand soaps and sanitizers, and garbage bags are some of the supplies needed for maintaining our Adoption Center. Office supplies such as printer paper, pens, pocket folders, scotch tape, and index cards are regularly used.
        In our effort to be environmentally friendly, we try to employ cloth towels in our cleaning and, of course, baths. Donations of used towels in good condition as well as fleece blankets are always welcome.
        We are extremely grateful for all donations of any kind and wish to thank our animal loving community.
Donate via Paypal

Want a quick and easy way to help the animals at LHS? Just click this button. Thank you for whatever you can give!
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