With the new release of the Project Designer 1.22, we have added the best of the most frequently requested new features. We have added support for new products, as well as a new function, which enables you to create graphical buttons with higher readability for the end-users.
Expansion of the Touch Panels family

Building on our experience from our 7” Touch Panel, which has been on the market for more than a year, we have now expanded the touch panel family with two new members - a smaller 4" version as well as a larger 10" version.
The Touch Panel family now gives you optimal flexibility in any installation, for any size of room 

-with the well known possibility for graphical interface.
Along with the two new touch panels, we have adapted the ARONA graphical interface to fit the new touch screen sizes. PD 1.22 supports the new touch panels with the new release.
Read more about the Touch Panels family
LiMa controller – The brains behind the scene

As a perfect match for our new 4” Touch Panel, we have created the LiMa control system. The LiMa control system by Neets is a powerful control system that supports graphical interfaces and have the communication ports which makes it a great fit for a less complicated meeting room:
  • 2 Bi-directional RS232/IR ports
  • 2 GIPO
  • 2 Low voltages relay
  • Control of 2 LAN devices
As with our other control systems, you can expand the LiMa control system over LAN with our Amplifier, relay box and keypads.

Telnet support – Control of even more products

A lot of people have asked for Telnet support and we can proudly say that we have added this to the PD 1.22 version.
With Telnet support, the Neets Control system can now control even more devices, like video conferencing systems, sound mixers, video matrix systems and many more.

Read more and download

New icons for the ARONA interface – more freedom and more readability

Images and text together makes for an easier understandable interface. This is exactly what you can do in the Project Designer 1.22. You simply select an icon from our list, select its size and location, then add the type in the correct text and you have an easily understandable button.
The new icon collection are based on your requests, if you think some are still missing, please let us know.

Read more and download

Support for connections that requires login credentials.

On more and more devices you have to login before you can control the device. This is now possible, all you have to do, is to enter some extra information in the Device Driver, and you are ready to go.

RS-232, TCP, UDP and Telnet support the login feature.

Read more and download

Discontinued function.

With effect from Project Designer 1.22, we have removed the support for phonebook/call history and direct call in video conferencing systems.

Read more about this

Thanks for reading!

This is what we had in store for you at this moment, please be sure to download the new version 1.22 of the Project Designer right down below.
Download the new Project Designer 1.22

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