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Ignite Sheffield was the name we gave our S-CEP launch conference on 2nd February, held at the Crucible Theatre.  A fantastic 152 people attended from schools, colleges, universities, arts, cultural and heritage organisations, voluntary and community sector organisations.

There was a real buzz as we heard from a range of inspirational speakers, shared our hopes and dreams for the Cultural Education Partnership, and gathered contributions for our two big ideas - City of Young Makers and Sheffield Adventures.  

To read the key messages from the conference, go to our web page and click the 'Launch Conference' tab.
Illustration of Elaine Rees from Liverpool Learning Partnership by Sheffield Hallam University final year Illustration student, Shannon Marriott@shan.illu.  Shannon and 4 of her fellow illustration buddies created some fantastic work in response to the conference.  We'll be sharing their work over the next few months.


So... the plan from here is as follows:

Between now and August, we co-create the following with all of you:
  1. the content for our two big 'frames' - Sheffield Adventures and City of Young Makers... please come along to the open meetings outlined below to make sure your organisation's work has been included.
  2. a mammoth list of the relevant training and CPD that is currently on offer in the city, and ways to engage with it (see Training and CPD below)
  3. a communications sub group - is this of interest to you?  (see Communications sub group below)
  4. the first of our 'co-production' panels, bringing experts together from a range of different backgrounds to dream and refine the projects we offer. More details will follow in May.
  5. The fine details for our membership offer and governance.  This is being sorted by our special task & finish group.
  6. We need to run these plans past young people at every stage... can you help with that?  See youth voice, below.
  7. The monthly newsletter will become one of the main ways that we gather and share information - we welcome your contributions.  More info below.

Training and CPD

It became clear during the consultation period that Create Sheffield should offer high quality training and CPD to our membership - either through publicising others' training, or offering our own.  Initially, we are interested in knowing what's on offer already, and publicising it.  We are also interested in knowing what other CPD you would value. If this is something that you are either able to offer to Create Sheffield or have an opinion about what CPD you would value, please let us know here.

Youth voice

We want to access groups of young people of all ages over the next few months to run all the ideas past them and to gather their thoughts about our plans.  If you meet regularly with a group of children or young people and could give us an hour's slot with them one day, please let us know here.

Communications sub group - calling all young professionals!

We know that effective communication is going to be one of the significant ways that Create Sheffield can have an impact across the city.  There were a number of young people who approached us at the conference with interest in this area... we would like to start a special communications sub group, and would be interested in making sure we have a wide membership for this - please let us know here if you'd like to join.

SHEFFIELD ADVENTURES: Using our city as a learning resource

Inspired in part by Bristol's list of things to do (, we are creating a list of experiences that every child and young person can do in Sheffield before they are 5, 11, 14, 18 and 25.  This list will be the platform for the development of learning resources, opportunities and fun for every Sheffield young person and their family.

We began forming our list with contributions from the conference, and now plan to hold open meetings (see info and sign up below) to make sure the list is full and diverse before we publish it, ready for September.  

Celebrating young people making, creating and innovating

Sheffield has always been a city of makers - from advanced manufacturing, specialist steels and forged products to award winning theatre, international art and design, games manufacture and ground breaking research.  Following on from the 2016 Year of Making, we will focus on the future and the development of young makers in the city.

Make a difference - make art - make history - use a maker space - make your voice heard - make your mark...  These are just a few of the vast number of different ways that our young people are making in Sheffield.  We want to CELEBRATE the huge amount of making going on in our city.  Come and share what you are doing or planning to do, that would fit under the umbrella theme of 'City of Young Makers'.
Join us at an open meeting - sign up below.

Please join us at an open meeting to discuss

Meeting one - Thursday 26th April, Learn Sheffield:

10.00 - 11.00 Thursday 26th April, Learn Sheffield:
Come and share what you or your organisation are doing or planning to do that would fit under the umbrella theme of CITY OF YOUNG MAKERS.  Help us shape the idea, dream the annual city-wide celebration, and think about who else we need to involve and how to involve them.  
It would help us to know if you're planning to attend this meeting - let us know here.

11.15 - 12.15: Thursday 26th April, Learn Sheffield:
Come and build on the lists of Sheffield Adventures that were started at the conference. What have we missed? How can your organisation be involved? Where are the gaps? Where are the opportunities to create learning resources?  Who else should we be asking and involving? 
It would help us to know if you're planning to attend this meeting - let us know here.
Another date for your diaries: 

Meeting two - Monday 11th June, 3pm - 5.30pm, Learn Sheffield

There will also be open meetings in the city centre in mid May - dates will be circulated in the next email.

Plans for our monthly newsletter

Starting from next month, every month in our newsletter, we would like to share:
  1. Sheffield good news stories - what have you done that we can celebrate?
  2. Artsmark and Arts Award stories of success
  3. Cultural Education in the news
  4. Any training or CPD you have on offer in the next two months
  5. Other opportunities coming up to share
Do you have anything to share with us in any of these categories?  
Email us
Deadline for inclusion in the next newsletter is 23rd April 2018.


We've got a new name (did you notice?!)...

Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership, or the S-CEP, will now be known as: 
Create Sheffield Adventures in Cultural Education
We're in the process of commissioning a logo.

And although we aren't hugely active yet, we are now on social media... addresses here, or click on the buttons at the bottom of the email:
  • Instagram @createsheffield 
  • Twitter @CreateSheff
  • Facebook @CreateSheffieldAdventures
  • Website: until we have commissioned our own website, we have a page hosted in the Partnerships section of the Learn Sheffield site


Data protection regulations are growing ever more stringent and Create Sheffield needs explicit consent to stay in touch with you.  

Please click on the link below so that we are able to stay in touch.
 (If you already filled this in on the conference evaluation form, you don't need to repeat it.  We have your preferences.)

There are opportunities to:
  1. ensure your organisation is part of the planning process between now and September
  2. find out more about membership
  3. stay signed up for our monthly newsletter.
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