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Gathering data for a baseline
We urgently need your help!  

Create Sheffield wants to be able to measure a pre-Covid baseline of what arts and cultural learning looked like across our city.  We need to know what was happening in schools and where artists and organisations were working.  

We are working with South Yorkshire Futures to collect and crunch this data. We've written one questionnaire that branches off in different directions, depending on whether you are a primary school, secondary school, artist or creative organisation.  Thank you to the 41 people who have filled it in so far...and we need many more to fill it in for the data to be useful.

PLEASE take the time to fill out our questionnaire now, whether you are a teacher or creative practitioner or an organisation.  It will help us understand more about the relationship between schools and arts/cultural organisations in Sheffield and gathers information about how your school or organisation deliver arts and culture teaching to children and young people. Once you've filled it in, please pass the link on to colleagues from other schools or organisations - we really need as many people to fill this in as possible.

We will use the information we gather to begin mapping the arts and culture offer across Sheffield, providing a base line for future questionnaires.  This data will be used to produce statistical analysis to improve our services to schools and Partner organisations.  As Create Sheffield Partners and schools, the data will be made available to you.

If you have any questions you can contact Sophie at:
City of Young Makers & Bags of Creativity
As part of our City of Young Makers summer activities, Create Sheffield has been part of an exciting new regional initiative, led by IVE, called Bags of Creativity. This initiative has put creative activities, materials and resources into the hands of 2004 children and young people in Sheffield. Read our press release for more information. 

Bags of Creativity has been such an amazing success for far, and we couldn't have done it without our volunteers! Read how with the help of 40 volunteers, we were able to sort thousands of creative materials and resources into 2004 bags, over 3 days in Millennium Galleries.  Huge thanks to Museums Sheffield for the use of their huge space and for assisting with the delivery of all the bags to Sheffield social workers.

This fantastic initiative has helped us connect with a huge range of artists, creatives, dreamers and thinkers from across the city - some are our existing Partners, others we hope will join us as new Partners of Create Sheffield.  You can read all about who they are here

Create Sheffield Partner support sessions
On the 24th June, Create Sheffield Partners met with Primary and Secondary teachers to discuss what is really happening in Sheffield schools in the context of Covid-19,  and how it might affect the arts, culture and creativity provision. The session aimed to identify ways in which the arts, culture and education sectors can support each other, and how we might stay connected with young people over the months ahead.  

Following the Partner support session with schools, Create Sheffield met again with its Partners and a few other brilliant cultural practitioners on the 29th July to ask how they had changed their practice to respond to the Covid-19 situation, what innovations they were proud of, and what had been successful enough to repeat.  

Read what Tim from Greentop Circus had to say about their work over lockdown in our Adaptation series which we will be sharing with you over the summer. 

You can read about what we had learned from both sessions in our Story.


Black Lives Matter

It is our mission to bring arts and culture to as many young people as possible, and we will continue and be better at building a movement which works to remove the financial, social or cultural barriers that stop young people getting involved. Whilst doing this we are acknowledging and helping to change the current reality, which is that these barriers are disproportionally experienced by people within non-white minority ethnic groups. 

The arts and cultural sector of Sheffield should and must match the diversity within our communities.  We are excited to form genuine connections and relationships with diverse artists and organisations doing brilliant work with children and young people across Sheffield.  These artists will help shape our strategy to ensure that the quality and vibrancy of Sheffield is available to all those who want to get involved. 

Do get in touch with us to help us find brilliant artists that you think we should connect to, or if you feel we are missing anything within the work we do and the artists, creative practitioners and organisations that we are working with. We are excited to hear from you. 

Update from Chilypep & our Youth Voice commission 
Chilypep is working in partnership with Create Sheffield on its Youth Strategy, joining us in our mission to bring arts and culture to as many young people as possible and in removing the barriers that stop young people getting involved. 

So what has been happening?

Chilypep has been mapping youth voice across Sheffield, looking at the amazing work already going on and mapping where to engage with young people. In order to collect this information, they have been sending out questionnaires and speaking to people and organisations who are currently working with young people. If you are involved in delivering arts and cultural activities with young people and you have not been contacted, please get in touch, Chilypep would love to hear from you. 

Chilypep are also looking for young creatives who might want to join a Create Sheffield 'Youth Steering Group.' This group will work with Create Sheffield and Chilypep to help shape Sheffield's arts and culture scene. Chilypep have ran two taster sessions with young professionals and are continuing to look for more people to get involved.

If this is something you are interested in, read our Story to find out more. 

Artsmark update from IVE
The Artsmark Award is the only creative quality standard for schools and education settings, accredited by Arts Council England. We support settings to develop and celebrate their commitment to arts and cultural education.

COVID has had a big impact on many aspects of school life, including school improvement plans and priorities. These changes have shaped and changed the way Artsmark will now be delivered in schools. These past weeks and months have been very challenging, but teachers have been able to work with their leadership team to do the necessary preparation work towards their Award. 

The Sheffield Artsmark Consortium have been very busy, with schools participating in lots of digital sessions. It has been great to see the opportunities that have arisen from schools working with each other across the country, which they never normally would have done. 

Whats next?

The Sheffield Artsmark Consortium have an upcoming Development Day on the 17th September, Peer Network Sessions on October 1st and have been introduced to a shared MS Teams platform that will enable the group to share and engage more easily with each other. 

Registered Artsmark arts and cultural Partners

Artsmark have a page dedicated to registered Artsmark arts and cultural Partners on their website, do take a look! 

If you would like to discuss Artsmark in Sheffield, please get in touch with Aoibheann.
Healthy Holidays
Organised by Voluntary Action Sheffield, the Sheffield Healthy Holidays Activity Guide aims to boost the health and wellbeing of children and young people during the summer holidays. 

Create Sheffield have contributed some Sheffield Adventures and we are excited that our arts and cultural Partners have been commissioned to be involved in varying ways, with the first publication including brilliant activities from Greentop Community Circus  and the Sheffield Music Hub

The publication will go out every Monday in The Sheffield Star and Healthy Hampers, which will be delivered to families across the city. The activities and publication can also be found online, visit their website to find out more. 
New Create Sheffield Partners
We are delighted to introduce you to some of our new Partners who are all doing fantastic work with children and young people in Sheffield.

Flying Fish Studio is an art space which runs workshops including needle felting, wet felting, printmaking, quilling and glass fusing. They also have online craft videos and sell beautiful craft boxes!

The Children's Media Conference & Playground organise a conference and other services for children's media professionals and an interactive exhibition for young people and families called Playground. 

Bloc Projects is a contemporary arts organisation who focus on the support and development of contemporary artists at key stages in their careers.

Beatrice Lee Knowles is an Artist, Creative Workshop and Sensory Session Facilitator.

Caryl Hart is a children's author who runs creative workshops for schools, libraries, festivals and community groups.

Angie HardwickAnge Made Ceramics is a freelance Visual Artist, specialising in ceramics. She devises and delivers creative workshops and projects, to all ages and abilities with the community.

Brightside Music takes live music into hospitals across Yorkshire. They provide interactive music sessions for children and adults in a variety of hospital and healthcare settings.

My Arty Party provide bespoke arts and crafts experiences and entertainment for children that inspire and encourage creativity and imagination.

Thinking of becoming a Partner or know someone who should be in our list but isn't? Email us and tell us more! 
Create Sheffield events for your diaries
After our last online session, there was interest from Create Sheffield Partners and other Sheffield-based creative practitioners, in training around creating a digital offer in response to the Covid-19. We would like to understand how many people would be interested in this training, and what kinds of skills would you like to grow if we were able to run it.

Please fill out our Google Form if you are interested. Kindly submit your response by 1st September.

  • Partner support – Dreaming and creating new Sheffield Adventures - 26th Aug 10.00–11.30 - sign up
  • Partner support – Sharing results of city-wide data collection - 8 Oct from 10.00 – 12.00 - sign up (and make sure you've filled in the questionnaire!)
  • Programming and Participation meeting – Dreaming the way forward - 22 Oct from 10.00 – 12.00 - sign up. 
  • Creative Teachmeet - 3 Nov 17.00–19.00 - sign up. 
  • Partner support - What’s happening in Sheffield schools now? 18 Nov 16.30 – 17.30 - sign up
  • Creative Teachmeet - 3 Nov 17.00–19.00 - sign up.  
  • Artsmark 30 Development Day - 17 Sept 09.00–16.00 Artsmark schools teachers - contact IVE for more info. 
  • Artsmark 30 schools will also be supported via MSTeams.
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