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This is one of a series of messages to share a little bit about the wide range of brilliant Sheffield-based arts and cultural organisations you could work with.

If you’re looking to bring arts and cultural practitioners into your school, Create Sheffield can help you! Firstly why not try and use our Partners search function on our website, if you can't find what you want, get in touch

Sheffield Adventures

Did you know that Create Sheffield and their Partners have been busy creating an amazing bank of ideas, activities and challenges that will take you all around our wonderful city?

During our Why Creativity Matters NOW conversations we will introduce you to our Sheffield Adventures and provide suggestions for how they could be incorporated into the school curriculum. 
Join us Thursday 7th October 2021 15:30-16:30. 

We have over 50 fantastic high-quality Sheffield Adventures, here are a few examples:

The Show Must Go On! Cemetery Trail from Growtheatre at the Sheffield General Cemetery 

The Sheffield General Cemetery and The Show Must Go On! Trail is especially designed for children, young people and their families - but anyone can take part! There are lots of stories at Sheffield General Cemetery and The Show Must Go On! Trail tells the stories of some of the different performers who are buried there through visual and audio prompts. 

On this Adventure, you will enjoy the stories of Growtheatre's performers and be encouraged to get creative too and make something inspired by what you have seen and heard. Suitable for ages 6 upwards. 


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A flag for Sheffield

Our city doesn’t have a flag, though lots of cities, counties and states around the world do. International organisations and movements also have flags that represent them.

Who better to design a flag for Sheffield than its young people? Give it a go, and share your ideas with friends using #sheffieldflag. Suitable for all ages 0-16

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'Growing, Little People, Plants and Things' from 50 Things To Do Before You're Five

You’re never too young to start a healthy habit! Sow the seeds, prepare the ground and develop healthy food choices by teaching children where food comes from, get them excited by growing fruit and vegetables they will love to eat. Plant a sunflower seed and see how high it will grow. Suitable for ages 0-5 from 50 Things to do Before You're Five

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Tale of Many Journeys from Silé Sibanda

This is a writing exercise about taking a character on a journey. You will be making notes that would be useful in your creative writing process. Here are some types of journeys you could write about:

  • Moving country/city/house.
  • Write notes on the following questions...
  • Getting a new job.
  • New relationships.
  • Starting a family

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Invent our Future with Bright Box Makerspace

Bright Box Makerspace invites you to invent our future. Each year the population increases. We need more homes. What do you think the future home looks like? 
Ideas Can you list all your ideas for what your future home needs? What might it look like How will it function? Here is an example of a 'living home' from the BBC article 'how incredible living homes could save the climate,' we hope it may inspire your inventions!
Draw - Pick 1 or 2 of your ideas and draw them. 
Build and share! Use materials from around your house to build the first version of one of your future home ideas. 

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Did you go on this Adventure? You can tell us about your experiences and give us feedback on how to make our Adventures better by filling in this short survey.
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