What a challenging time!
Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by this period.
We understand that this is a very complex situation for everyone and we wish you, your colleagues and your families all the best during this time. 
We have so much great stuff to share with you.
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Our Covid-19 response
Bags of Creativity
Our website is live! 
Youth Voice commission
Artsmark update from IVE
Data & evaluation
Call for new Partners
Create Sheffield events
Our COVID-19 response
In light of the challenges we are all facing now and into the future, we have taken some time to adapt our offer, thinking about how we can continue to play a key role in making the quality and vibrancy of the creative offer in Sheffield available to all who want to get involved, and particularly in removing barriers to the most vulnerable young people.

So what have we been doing?
  • Supporting Partners and Sheffield organisations to contribute to the Sheffield Learning Together home-supplement. Printed each Thursday in the Sheffield Star newspaper, this has provided fun learning activities to over ten thousand families across our city.
  • Re-written our Sheffield Adventures and added more #homeadventures, with fabulous contributions written by our Partners - find them all on our new website.
  • Leading the IVE initiative Bags of Creativity in Sheffield (more info below).
Read all about these initiatives and more in our website
Bags of Creativity
Create Sheffield are part of an exciting new regional initiative, led by IVE, called Bags of Creativity. This initiative will put creative activities, materials and resources into the hands of the most vulnerable children and young people in Sheffield. 

Bags of Creativity will help us connect with a huge range of artists, creatives, dreamers and thinkers from across the city - some will be our existing Partners, others we hope will join us as new Partners of Create Sheffield.   

We are seeking 20 artists/creative practitioners/arts and cultural organisations to work with us to design high-quality creative activities for 3 different age groups. There is a little funding to pay for artists time and some great CPD opportunities too. 

Sign up to register your interest before 3rd June 2020.  More information in our Story.
Our website is live!
On the 24th April, we ran a joint launch of our brand new website and our #homeadventures, alongside the app and website launch from 50 Things to do Before You're Five.  The partnership with #50ThingsSheffield was warmly welcomed as a way to best support children, young people and families with fun and creative learning activities to do on lockdown. 

We are looking for more children, young people and families to get involve in testing and writing Sheffield Adventures. Interested? Read more about this and the launch on our website in our story.

Update from Chilypep & our Youth Voice commission 

Chilypep are excited to be working with Create Sheffield, in our mission to bring arts and culture to as many young people as possible and to remove the barriers that stop young people getting involved.

Together we are working to map the current youth voice across Sheffield, looking at the amazing work currently going on and where to engage with young people. If you’d like to know more, or get more involved, Chilypep would love to hear from you. They are working with young creative professionals and young people in the creation of Create Sheffield's Youth Voice action plan and strategy.

We also want to get young people aged 18 - 24 involved in Create Sheffield’s Board.

For more information or to get involved please contact 

Artsmark update from IVE

Schools - Artsmark 30
We were really pleased to be able to welcome 30 educational settings from across Sheffield into a new Artsmark consortium (ranging from infants to secondary, special school to youth justice provision).  Working in partnership with IVE, we delivered the first Development Day in March. You can read more about the Artsmark award, our development day and the changes surrounding COVID-19 in our Story on the Create Sheffield website

The Arts Council England's Artsmark award celebrates and supports educational settings that champion arts and culture and strive for excellence in their provision. 

Artsmark Partners
In late February, in partnership with IVE, we ran a very successful training day for Create Sheffield partners who wanted to connect with Artsmark schools. Inevitably, Covid-19 has derailed plans, and IVE have sent a survey monkey out to Artsmark partners and will be in touch with you all very soon.

Data & evaluation
A significant part of the strategic work of Create Sheffield is to map what is happening for young people across the city, so that we can gather the information, analyse it and understand trends and share them with you all. This data gathering, we hope, will help us see where there are gaps in provision, and then find ways to fill those gaps.

The plan is that the data and information is gathered annually from our arts & cultural partners, and also from all schools in the city.  We were poised to start data gathering in April, and had sessions planned to talk with all headteachers, as well as questionnaires written for both schools and for arts & cultural partners.

Covid-19 has derailed those plans.  We are still trying to work out the right time to send out the questionnaire, and very much hope that it can go out to schools before the end of June, with additional questions to help us understand how best to support schools as the children return.  

The questionnaire for arts & cultural partners will be sent out during June.  We plan to share all our findings on 8th Oct - see event details below.
Calling all Creatives, we want more Partners! 
Two schools have been in touch with us in the past few weeks to ask for suggestions of mosaic artists, visual artists, animators and illustrators who can support children during the first week back in the autumn to express their thoughts and feelings about Covid-19 and lockdown creatively.  We're sure these schools won't be the only ones who are looking for creative ways to support wellbeing when all classes finally return.

We are delighted with the Partners we are currently working with, and we know that we haven't yet connected with all the fabulous creative people out there in Sheffield who make work by, with or for children and young people aged 0-24.  For example, schools at our Artsmark event asked for more EARLY YEARS practitioners, and more people who would work with 4-7 year olds.  There was a real hunger for artists and creatives and makers who would go INTO schools, as well as places that schools could VISIT.  We don't know when visits will happen again, and nor do we know when visitors will be allowed back into schools, but we'd love the website to be up to date and full of inspiration when teachers are planning again.

So, do you know a person or organisation that you think should be in our list of Partners? Or maybe you’d like to get more involved, and you are an artist or arts/cultural organisation that works with children and young people.

Read more about becoming a Partner and fill in our Google Form to let us know who you are and so we can get back in touch. Or come to the online session on 30 June to find out more (details in the events section below).

The application process is easy (and free of charge) and you’d be joining a wonderful multi-disciplinary crew from across Sheffield!
Create Sheffield events for your diaries
  • Online safety for organisations working with children and young people - 3rd June 14.00 – 15.00 -  sign up.  Available to all.
  • New Partners - Introduction to Create Sheffield session - 30th June 10.00-11.00 - sign up Available to new CS Partners.
  • Bags of Creativity (BoC) - deadline for applications 3rd June Midday sign up, read more.  Available to all.
  • Bags of Creativity - choosing 20 practitioners/artists -10th June. Applicants to BoC.
  • Bags of Creativity  -  CPD sessions – working with vulnerable young people - 11th & 19th June. Applicants to BoC.
  • Bags of Creativity distribution around Sheffield - from 20th July. Applicants to BoC.
  • Partner support - What’s happening in Sheffield schools & what’s the way forward? 24 June 14.00–15.30 - sign up.  Available to CS Partners.
  • Programming and Participation meeting – Dreaming our virtual City of Young Makers festival - 8th July 10.00-12.00 - sign upAvailable to CS Partners.
  • Partner support - Working with Young People creatively online - 29 July 10.00 – 11.30 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Partner support – Dreaming and creating Sheffield Adventures - 17 Aug 09.00–10.30 - sign upAvailable to CS Partners.
  • Partner support – City of Young Makers update session - 21 Sept 14.00–15.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Partner support – Sharing results of city-wide data collection - 8 Oct from 10.00 – 12.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Programming and Participation meeting – Dreaming the way forward - 22 Oct from 10.00 – 12.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Creative Teachmeet - 3 Nov 17.00–19.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners and teachers. 
  • Partner support - What’s happening in Sheffield schools now? 18 Nov 16.30 – 17.30 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Creative Teachmeet - 3 Nov 17.00–19.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners and teachers. 
  • Artsmark 30 Development Day - 17 Sept 09.00–16.00 Artsmark schools teachers - contact IVE for more info. 
  • Artsmark 30 schools will also be supported via MSTeams.
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