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10-day Transformational Vipassana (Mindfulness)

Meditation Retreat

With Andy James


Date: April 19-28, 2019 at Harmony Dawn Retreat
Fee:  $1200 plus HST early bird
          $1500 plus HST for payments received after Jan 31, 2019


This retreat is for experienced Meditators as well as novice meditators who want to jump in at the “deep end” and deepen/ establish their Vipassana meditation practice. The Buddha taught Vipassana 2500 years ago as part of his Four Noble Truths, the purpose of which is Ending of Human Suffering or Enlightenment. At the basis of this practice is Letting-go, Surrender, Non-attachment.. even of dearly- held, “sacred” beliefs. Everything must be put on the table of Mindful, open-ended Investigation.

The retreat will be based on sitting meditation although there will be nature walks, qigong, dharma talks and private interviews

Please contact us asap if you are interested in joining!

Andy James Books

The Spiritual Legacy of Shaolin Temple

While many books have traced Chan's story into Japan, James explains how the unique spiritual, martial and energetic traditions of the Shaolin Temple continued to interact and evolve in dynamic relation to culture, society, and the individual. This engaging and very personal book will appeal to martial arts enthusiasts, healing arts professionals, and anyone interested in the mind-body connection.

Ageless Wisdom Spirituality:
Investing in Human Evolution

In this powerfully insightful book, James connects the dots between the major issues of our times - the environment, stress, technology, corporations, the Free Market, globalization, terrorism, the media and religion.

The Conscious I Clarity And Direction
Through Meditation

Written by meditation and Tai Chi teacher Andy James, this eloquent and deeply insightful treatise shows the way to effect true and lasting change.

Andy James Testimonials

"You were a huge hit with our Wellness and Lifestyle Management class at Centennial College. The feedback we received was extremely positive, including comments like 'excellent', 'fascinating' and 'really informative'. My own observation was that the students were completely captivated by your demonstration"

"Thank you for your participation as a guest speaker at Habitat. Your contribution helps to enrich our program.. the residents enjoyed hearing you speak very much and we look forward to your future involvement"

“Starting Vipassana in earnest with Andy for about 3 or 4 years now, has made all the difference. Despite 4 decades of attempts with other meditative practices, this deceptively simple practice has been taking me to unimaginable depths and recently allowed me to survive my wife's almost lethal illness, which affected me physically beyond any expectation. So I would agree a regular Vipassana practice is foundational to our program. I am hooked. And will continue with it the rest of my life.”
Harmony Dawn Testimonials

"A truly inspirational undertaking in harmony with the environment."

"There is stillness that I feel up here that is very comforting to know still exists. Birds sing, rain falls cool outside yet the center core is still and warm. The food is fit for God's table. So beautiful."

"Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and humour. It was amazing. I didn't know what to expect, but you surpassed everything good I could have possibly anticipated."

"Thank you for creating a magical place to restore and rejuvenate the soul not to mention the fantastic food that nourished our souls."

"Harmony Dawn...the realization of dreams. Wisdom and compassion celebrated inside and out. Sunshine and wind, silence and laughter. Thank you for this most beautiful experience."

"Harmony Dawn is a wonderfully natural and rejuvenating environment. The hospitality of her hosts and company is second to none. Thank you for an enlightening and nourishing experience."

Our mailing address is:
Harmony Dawn Ontario Retreat
800 Baxter Road
R.R. 1 Hastings, On K0L 1Y0

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