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Dear <<First Name>>,

This Sunday our passage is Luke 10:25-37 - The Parable of the Good Samaritan. It would be helpful for you and your children if you can find 5 minutes before the start of the service to read this passage together (which can also be found in the Beginner's Bible), or you could watch the video below which tells the story. 

If you can, get everything ready beforehand that you think you might need - Bibles, paper, pens, snacks (sermon note sheet for older children).

By the end of the service we hope you will:
  • know that God has loved us and shown us mercy by sending Jesus to rescue us from our sin 
  • know that because we know God's great love for us, we can love our neighbours (which is everyone, not just those we live next door to)
  • be encouraged to think about how you could care, give and pray.
Time to get excited and prepared for another week of church at home!

Something to watch

Watch the story of the Good Samaritan
Preschoolers might like to move around with this telling of the story with simple actions to copy

Talk about it

  • Who is your neighbour? Chat about the neighbours in your street/building. Perhaps you know them well, perhaps you don't. If they really needed your help, would you help them? In today's story from the Bible Jesus teaches that it's not just people on our street/building who are our neighbours. 
  • What question was Jesus asked in v29? Who is my neighbour?
  • Jesus told a story to answer this question. In Jesus' story a man was injured by the side of the road. Three people saw the man as they passed by. Which of them stopped to help the man who was hurt? (v33) 
    • Why is this surprising? Jews (who were listening to this story) and Samaritans did not like each other at all! So the Samaritan who stopped, was helping his enemy. 
  • v37 in response to Jesus' question in v36 says “The one who had mercy on him." What does mercy mean? Getting what we don't deserve. 
    • How have we been shown mercy by God? He sent Jesus to die for our sin, even when we were his enemies. We didn't deserve this kindness. 

Activities for a variety of ages

  • Choose one of the pictures to colour, or maybe do them all and have a go at using them to tell the story to each other. Sheets available here.
  • Act out the story using lego/duplo characters (or your family, if you're feeling brave!)
  • Want to find out more about other people who need help right now? You could look up some of the current appeals on the Tearfund website to find out more, and see where some money is being given. 
  • Our neighbours include our church family all around the world. Why not spend some time learning about what life is like for Christians in other parts of the world. Open Doors have produced some fantastic resources for families to use together - videos, sheets, quizzes. It's all available for free on their website here
    • One of their ideas I love is finding out about other countries using food! Try and make a meal from another country - use the Open Doors resources to find out more about life as a Christian in these countries. There are recipe ideas, placemats, videos and quizzes! The video just below is just one of the videos.
These videos are aimed at children aged 5+. 
All these resources can be found on the Open Doors website

Pray about it

  • During the service, we'll be seeing some more cardboard testimonies - how the gospel has transformed them in to people who care. Perhaps you could have a go at making your own together as a family, or use it as a prayer activity. On one side write the heart attitude that holds us back, and on the other side a prayer asking God to help us change. Something like:
    • I'm often selfish and do what I want 
    • Because I know Jesus, please help me to put other people's needs before my own. 
  • Thank God for the mercy he showed us in sending Jesus to rescue us. 
  • During the service we'll hear from people who are trying to care, give and pray. Why not pray together as a family about ways you could care, give and pray. 

Songs to sing or listen to

I'm Gonna Set My Feet - Julia Plaut
Our God's Generous - Nick & Becky Drake


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