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Carolyn Roth Ministry

Volume 2, Issue  6
June 2018
Exciting Summer
Book Offer

During the summer months, I am offering a special on two of my best selling books: 
Restoring Relationships, Applying Behaviors of Obscure Bible Characters
and Out of the Shadows, Exposing the Power of Bible Women.

You can purchase both books for $20.00. I pay shipping and handling. Your saving is $8.00.
Choices, Choices, Choices
     You have a choice this summer.  You 1) can go into brain hibernation, or 2) study the lives of Bible characters. Choice # 2  will lift your spirits and strengthen your faith walk. I hope you choose # 2.
     For that reason, I am offering a special on two of my books. Restoring Relationships is an investigations of 13 different relationships, i.e., husband-wife, mother-son, rulers, pastors, from the Bible. Readers ponder questions at the end of each chapter which help them to assess and strengthen their relationships 2 - 3 millenia after the Bible was written.
     The second book,. Out of the Shadows, a carefully analysis of power and influence of Bible women. This book is not an alphabetical list of Bible women. Nor is ita  review of "bad" women in the Bible.  Rather, the book focuses on how Bible women used their strengths in the culture/society where they lived. Christian women today can use these women’s behaviors as they negotiate their world.
     I want every person, but definitely every woman, to have these two books to read, ponder, and even discuss with others.
     Go to my website to buy the books. Note: If you purchase June – September, there is no shipping and handling costs. If your group wants to use Out of the Shadows for a Bible study contact me at my email ( I can give your group a further reduction in price for the book. 
What is Out of the Shadows About?
Why Buy this Book?

God created both a woman and a man. Despite sermons and seminars to the contrary, God created women to be no less powerful than men. Most Bible women weren’t in formal power-positions, yet, they were powerful. Women didn’t wield power through military might, politics, or economic achievements. They exercised power in more subtle ways. The primary way women plied their power was through positive influence, i.e., rational, social, and emotional. At times, Bible women used negative influence techniques to get their way; they weren’t opposed to using manipulation, intimidation, and threats.
      Like me, you probably noticed that the Bible was written by men. Often, these men gave little information on women. I’ve come to suspect that the lack of information about Bible women was because male scripture writers had little insight into what women felt or thought. Their lack of understanding of women often made it hard for them to interpret women’s behavior. Perhaps, male Bible writers couldn’t recognize either a woman’s power or her influence.
      Out of the Shadows is a book about the power and influence of Bible women. Out of the Shadows is much more than just another book that lists women in the Bible. The focus is the power of Bible women exhibited through their influence. I explore, and at times give my explanations about, what a Bible woman could have been thinking when she consciously or unconsciously influenced the ideas and behaviors of individuals in her world. Bible women were not all “good” women. At times they were more interested in getting their way than in being admired.
      The book was written, not for clergy nor for academicians, but for Christian laypersons like you and me. Women will nod their heads when they read some of these women’s behaviors, even when behaviors were less than beneficial. After all, Bible women’s emotions, motives, and behaviors were reality. When men read these stories, they may identify with male Bible characters. They remember times when their minds and behaviors were changed by words or actions of a woman. For both genders, the book stimulates self-awareness.
      Increasingly, individuals from different faiths, i.e., Muslim, Hindu, and atheists turn to the Bible for insight into the Christian belief system. They want to understand Christian women’s behavior. Often non-Christian women who read the Bible without interpretation ask themselves, “Why would I want to be a Christian woman? Does the Christian God value women? Weren’t Bible women a bunch of chattels?” These seeking women can use Out of the Shadows as an adjunct to the Bible as they come to realize that God never meant women to be second best. The book is a much-needed compilation of Bible women’s actions.
If you live in the Roanoke area and are looking for a Bible-focused church where the undiluted Word of God is preached,
visit St. John Lutheran Church; 4608 Brambleton Avenue. 540-774-0712
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