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The transitions between living and working space are more flowing than ever before – and thanks to modern technology, today you can set up your workstation at practically any time and any place in the world in the blink of an eye. The latter needs to be one thing in particular: comfortable. Because in an environment that appeals to the senses, not only is the work more productive, but it is also a lot more fun!

In collaboration with designer Simon Busse,  de Sede has come up with an archetype for comfortable work: the DS-5010 sculpture family, which introduces the traditional craftmanship of the leather expert into the office environment in a surprisingly creative way – along with the appeal of a large degree of flexibility:
For the DS-5010 range, it was important to combine traditional materials such as leather with a new one: felt.
The items of furniture can easily be rearranged in different ways to create flexible layouts – a prerequisite for flexible work.
Simon Busse
Welcome to the world of comfortable work
The modular concept offers solutions for the different needs of private and public settings: flexible items of furniture offer a certain degree of privacy from the immediate surroundings and at the same time meet all the requirements in terms of comfort.
"To Go" solution for work
Do you need a quick ‘to go’ solution for work? If so, the DS-5010 stool with its sustainable felt-leather mix is the best choice.
Discover the flexibility of the DS-5010 stool – in our short video.
Thanks to its compact shape, it can be used wherever it is needed – just as the table – without compromising comfort or stability. And in case the furniture isn’t needed, it can quickly and easily be folded − and stored in a cart designed for the purpose.
Oasis of calm
The ‘down-to-earth’ representatives of the concept of comfortable work – sofas, armchairs and benches – create a sense of warmth, calm and security, especially when fitted with a wall of felt.
Designed to form a separate microcosm, they may offer a temporary space for meetings or a retreat for focused work. Thus, their quality goes beyond that of mere pieces of furniture. Here you cannot only lean back, but you can also completely immerse yourself in another world: that of comfortable work.
The new PROJECTS brochure
Find further impressions and inspirations for the contemporary integration of sculptures by de Sede in living and working spaces in the new edition of PROJECTS – the brochure that showcases exciting interior concepts for de Sede furniture around the globe.
Discover more ideas for living and working: in the new PROJECTS brochure.
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