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Craftsmanship and the division of labor are key components of our manufacture. A person must understand his or her craft while at the same time working with people who are professionals in their respective fields – making things possible that would bring others to a standstill.

No one is an expert in everything. But with a dedicated team in place, nothing is impossible – which is why de Sede asked Dutch designer Hugo de Ruiter to come up with a harmonious composition of elegance and function.

The result is more than a famous de Sede sculpture. The collaboration with Hugo de Ruiter actually resulted in an entire family! The focus throughout this effort is on a comfortable sofa, while at the same time unique functions create a charming contrast to notions of normalcy. All it takes is a single flick of the wrist to change the perspective!
Powerful spaces of pleasure
Bringing a piece of furniture to life that liberates itself from the constraints of the laws of the linear posed a challenge for the master craftsmen and the designer as well – but they proved a resounding success: the fully rotatable backrests on DS-164, DS-165 and DS-167 as well as DS-1064, create hitherto-unknown opportunities for movement thanks to their 360° movable backs.
In the process, de Ruiter took up a world-renowned motif of balance, difference, and yet of the forces of attraction: Yin and Yang.
One fine day, the Dutchman came up with a solution for the symbiosis of innovation and design: the guide curve was integrated into a rectangular shape. The unmistakable pairing of curved and nuanced cubic elements is the characteristic that breathes exciting life into DS-165.
DS-165 is impressive for its almost limitless expanse, its extraordinary compositional versatility and the interplay of harmony and dimension.
“I regard furniture as a third skin,” says Hugo de Ruiter, who always promotes meaningful innovations and pushes for sustainable manufacturing processes. He lived up to this when he came up with his two follow-up series: DS-167 and DS-1064.
Both of these include new materials and entail additional elements that provide the wild card. Large and small seating surfaces and voluminous back cushions complement the new member of the family: DS-167.
DS-167 fits perfectly in this large family: colorful, individual and always good for a surprising change.
As was to be expected, de Ruiter was ultimately seized by the passion to turn this small sofa family into a paradise of living spaces. The large-scale elements now no longer converge in a single place and derive an added wow effect thanks to the movable backrest elements. With the infinitely extendable DS-1064, the limits to comfort and functional quality have vanished, and the result is powerful latitude for ever-new stagings.
Discover DS-1064
A modern approach to tradition 
When it comes to covering a sofa, we make all your wishes come true, with our extensive leather and fabric selection – thanks to different kinds of leather that meet the highest standards for pore markings and grain, or due to fabrics of the highest yarn quality to satisfy every individual demand.

Once the perfect cover has been found, our upholsterers lovingly finish the natural product of leather or the fabric by hand into a de Sede sculpture – this is Swiss craftsmanship at the highest level! But we can take this a step further: what can be more purposeful than to know that the natural materials used at de Sede can also be refurbished in our own workshop? Sustainability that is more than just a slogan written down somewhere but that is practiced each and every day at de Sede – this is not lost on the hotel industry, either!
Credits: The Dolder Grand Zurich
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