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For all those who already miss the summer, there is good news: you can say goodbye to it properly. As soon as the first leaves fall outside and a colder season announces itself, you may also dream of a warm, comfortable new armchair or sofa!
Our lounge chair DS-149 illustrates such a commitment to infinite security and naturalness. The symbiosis of design and comfort brings the best conditions to become your warming, energizing favorite place!
Designer Miriam Amelung, together with her husband Sebastian, pays great attention to the naturalness of the leather. The combination of gentle curves and soft surfaces makes the DS-149 she designed look like an organically shaped piece of furniture with elegant drapery.
Discover yourself the craftsmanship of the processing in our short video. 
But if you wish for something bigger and more opulent, the timelessly elegant silhouette of the DS-1030 is your first choice! The individually combinable sofa elements rise into the room like small monoliths.
For almost 40 years, unique furniture is created in Tuscany. With the soft shaping and the flowing design language, the designer Matilde Sessolo succeeded not only in creating a contrast of classicism and modernity. The result is a seating landscape that seduces you to linger lovingly.
The delicate yet open character of this sculpture lends a unique and timelessly stylish touch to comfortable lounging.
The "Tatzelwurm" turns 50 years: The party isn`t over yet!
For its birthday, we have asked experts what makes the DS-600 unique – not only the enthusiasm is huge, the birthday wishes show the deep anchoring of the nonstop sofa in the memory of the design world!
«My first encounter with the DS-600 took place when I was an 8-year-old boy. I remember looking at the advertisement that de Sede had designed for the "Green 80" trade fair. At that time, however, my attention was much more focused on the gigantic dinosaur in the picture than on the red "Tatzelwurm". Today, 42 years later, when I discover the picture somewhere, it is the other way around. The DS-600 is a legendary design.
I congratulate de Sede and the creators Ueli Berger, Eleonore Peduzzi-Riva, Heinz Ulrich and Klaus Vogt on the 50th anniversary of this wonderful sofa.»
Stephan Hürlemann, architect and designer
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