Dear de Sede Partners:

Everything is in transition, everything is flowing. Themes that remain, even in the current new beginning are quality and competence; the icons and sculptures by de Sede.

Visit us from June 7 to 12, 2022, now in Hall 5, Stand E12

In the midst of these turbulent times, we have created an oasis for you, where we welcome you can rest and take a deep breath. Find yourself on our weightless sofa landscape, discover your favorite spot on a cloud, relax on a comfortable armchair or let your thoughts circulate on a retro flair stool.

Change is our lives: come by and experience modern tradition.

We look forward to seeing you.

But wait a minute – there was something else!

There are two other places where we will be presenting our unique sculptures. 

A very special exhibition in the Palazzo Bovara: DESIGN FOREVER of Elle Decor Italia. Here we invite you on a journey of discovery of timeless tradition and a promising future with the DS-5010 foldable stools by designer Simon Busse, and the homage to Swiss design by Philippe Malouin – DS-707!
Awaiting you at Casa degli Artisti in the heart of Brera are not only the legendary de Sede classics such as DS-600, DS-602 or DS-707 but also our huge boxing glove DS-2878 or an armchair distinctive for its form and function, DS-262 by Stefan Heiliger, where each of the two chair parts revolves around its own axis, promising unprecedented flexibility – Swiss craftsmanship the way one would expect: DE SEDE – TIMELESS DESIGN AND CRAFTSMANSHIP – Swiss House (
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