50 years DS-600: Happy colors for you! 

Dear de Sede partners, 

Not only were we courageous in 1972 by introducing the revolutionary DS-600 – at de Sede we still are in 2022! On the occasion of the 50 year success story, the icon of Swiss furniture design experienced a colorful transformation with a live act by Swiss textile designer Franziska Born. 

Born used an airbrush technique to turn one module of the classic per decade of life into a colorful work of modern art. Here you can see the video of the live act in a Jelmoli shop window in Zurich in full length. The short video shows how versatile the endless sofa still is today! 

Without any doubt, the snake-like DS-600, affectionately called "Tatzelwurm", is one of the most famous and most significant designs of de Sede. Several years after its launch, the endless sofa made a spectacular appearance at the Swiss exhibition for gardening and landscaping, the ‘Grün 80’ in Basel – the «Tatzelwurm» secured itself an immovable place in the collective memory. For its 50th ‘birthday’ the classic now got some color in Zurich. Speaking of which, a fabulous 406 elements of the DS-600 in rainbow colors stand in the ruler's palace of a sultanate – the longest endless sofa in the world to this date. 
The party isn`t over yet!
For its birthday, we have asked experts what makes the DS-600 unique – not only the enthusiasm is huge, the birthday wishes show the deep anchoring of the nonstop sofa in the memory of the design world! Click on the image for the first appetizer from designer Alfredo Häberli: 
You may also discover more congratulations in the following weeks on our social media channels – stay tuned! 
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