In the beginning there was leather

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Before you ask yourself the question – let us ask it: "How sustainable is leather?" Even our Stone Age ancestors knew how to make full use of the animals they slaughtered. The advanced civilisation that made up the ancient Egyptians was the first to use alum to prevent animal skins from decomposing. This was the very first tanning method, born out of inventiveness and a respect for nature – leather is a sustainable material with thousands of years of tradition. 
It was the founder of de Sede, Ernst Lüthy, who took his passion for the use of leather as a natural product to a new level.

He placed the greatest value on the careful handling of the grain leather taken from the cattle, even back when the company was founded in 1965. Our master craftsmen have taken that to heart to this day and ensure that the leather remains a skin  – a noble material full of beauty and functionality.

Leather is more than a natural product for us. It is the material that our customers will later recline on, and feel its soft surface and want to relax on. Like other natural products, it should be both alive and hard-wearing at the same time. To guarantee this, it is extremely important for de Sede that the animals are reared in a manner appropriate to their species even before they are refined into leather: no animal has to give up its life explicitly to become a leather sculpture from de Sede. The material used for finishing our seating furniture is a by-product of European cattle husbandry that is practised for the production of food. 

Each cowhide is tanned with the greatest of care in a strictly monitored process and then stored. A discerning eye then selects it for refinement into a de Sede sculpture. Only a few animal hides are suitable for producing first-class furniture – as an upper material, they must be hard-wearing over the long-term and be of consistent quality in colour, so that a sculpture can be created which is unique, but will still give you pleasure for many years to come.
Today, almost 60 years later, what we have internalised as a company since we were founded is now called sustainable. This is why sustainability is more than just a word for us. It is our undertaking to demand the highest standards of craftsmanship from both ourselves and our suppliers, continuously review these standards, while all the time thinking about future generations during the creation of our upholstered furniture.
With this fabric dreams come true
Sustainability is linked to the awareness that alternatives to conventional leather are also gaining in popularity. One thing unites us all today: the same high standards of quality, of animal welfare, for a conscious approach to our environment and hence sustainability. So how do you fancy discovering some material for exciting stories and evenings at home?
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