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Let spring point the way! Vivid colors, warm temperatures and gorgeous, sunny days entice us out of our home office – to breathe in the fresh air and get in the mood for something new. Let the experience be a colorful and unique one – something lively and striking that makes working easier at the same time. We at de Sede have flirted with new working environments, because the future of hybrid work is variety – the potential to work everywhere while finding relaxation everywhere at the same time.

There’s no better time than to enjoy food for creative thought!
Dreamy retreats
The sophisticated new conceptual design of DS-602 marries demands for timeless design with modern functionality. A surprising feature is our further development of the famous DS-600 “Tatzelwurm” to offer unexpectedly flexible space – whether to let your mind wander or to develop fresh ideas back to back in a fun brainstorming session.
Flexibility meets advanced design 
The right selection and features for the “new normal” workplace are more important now than ever before: we are through with being tied to a single workstation – we need alternatives! Substitute options for worry-free telephoning, international team calls and calm places for focused work – our colorful and variable oasis of retreat, DS-160, offers it all.

Felt is a superb natural sound absorber. It not only promotes a more pleasant working atmosphere but also minimizes noise and is very supple: made with renewable resources, felt is a sustainably produced material and perfect for offices and open spaces.

The multifunctional all-rounder
DS-601 takes it a step further with its concept of room partitioning. Table elements and functional partitions open up a completely new chapter in futuristic working environments – and suddenly coworking in the public space is a real vision.DS-601 guarantees the perfect work-life balance.
More inspirations

Und wenn es individueller sein darf

The DS-5010 folding stool and table are certain to keep you flexible at all times! The ease of working from anywhere – no need to worry about capturing the best workplace or seat, because you already have your stylish companion at your side. So you can deliberately set other accents – at home, on the go or with coworkers. You will no longer have to ask yourself if there is still a seat for you at the next meeting – instead, your fellow participants will ask where you got this quiet folding stool!
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