An ode to a monument of timeless design – DS-1025

Dear de Sede aficionados:
If something is right and good, we say “it sits well with me”, “it fits like a glove”. If you’ve found a place where you want to spend the rest of your life, our well-meaning description is to say we’ve finally settled down. 

Looking at a sofa, it has to be cozy, invite you to spend some time there and offer the right appeal to get us to decelerate and want to sit down there again and again. If, as with DS-1025 Terrazza, timeless design and comfort overlap, then you can confidently say: this sits well with me – it fits – I want it, or I’m going to keep it!
Creativity begins at home
DS-1025 is designed to be a center of creativity and coziness, with a captivating language of design that gives rooms a special degree of uniqueness. More than 40 years ago, the terraces of the Swiss vineyards inspired designer Ubald Klug to come up with a phenomenal coup: in a structure reminiscent of vineyard terraces, he built multilayered upholstered reliefs on rectangular baseplates that invite to sit or lie down. He assembled the various elements into actual seating landscapes. The analogy to the terraced cultural landscape, the terrazza, cannot be overlooked.
Not only celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Aretha Franklin or Snoop Dog fell in love at first sight. Their enthusiasm for the sofa shows how expertly Ubald Klug had hit the nerve of the times with his extraordinary design.
The curvilinear, scrunched upholstered bodies will forever and ever remain timeless trendsetters of a laissez-faire home decor that is prevalent in young group living arrangements – and continues to this day!
Discover the DS-1025 Terrazza!
Appreciation for sustainable craftsmanship
Items of furniture by de Sede can tell stories, they grow close to their owners’ heart and oftentimes become lifetime companions.

But that’s not all! When it comes to appreciating the craft of upholstery, the pursuit of innovation always involves an awareness of working with a sensitive natural product such as leather or fabric. Our master craftsmen love their work. Handling scissors, thread, needle. The smell of leather, the excitement of cutting fabrics to size, the pleasure of joining it together piece by piece. Against this backdrop, we have set important goals of sustainability for ourselves. Read more about it here.
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