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“How can you know if a device is potentially harmful?” American satirist John Oliver questioned the medical device industry this week looking at metal hips, mesh and our Implant Files investigation. Watch it all on YouTube. “This system clearly needs reform,” he said.


Rick Raemisch has a strong message for immigration authorities in the United States: “Putting people who have not been convicted of a crime in solitary confinement is just wrong.” Raemisch led the corrections department in Colorado where he spearheaded the state’s effort to limit the use of solitary confinement. He says the use of isolation is immoral, unethical and “torture” that could be stopped.


We take a look at how one of the world’s largest banks – Deutsche Bank – helped shield the identities and machinations of the world’s rich and powerful. The bank’s former subsidiary Regula pops up in our documents regularly – from Swiss Leaks, to Panama Papers and Paradise Papers. The ‘nominee’ or ‘dummy’ company appears on the paperwork of an offshore company as a director or shareholder – meaning the real owner's identity is hidden.


Our ICIJ team is growing! We spoke with our new training manager, Jelena Cosic, about her time as a reporter in Serbia and the investigations she’s worked on. She says it’s always important to emphasize the bigger picture.

And… we’re hiring a senior data reporter. So if data and journalism is your thing – get in touch!

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US lawmaker calls for solitary confinement investigation

Canada joins textured breast implants ban over cancer links

Dulce Rivera - a former detainee

Thousands of immigrants suffer in US solitary confinement

Ellen Gallagher, a DHS whistleblower

Whistleblower ‘helpless’ to stop US immigration solitary confinement abuses

Solitary confinement

DATA | How US immigration authorities use solitary confinement

Video From the inside

VIDEO | From the inside: 'It's like a cage.'

Solitary confinement in US immigration facilities, explained

Solitary confinement in US immigration facilities, explained

Video Living after confinement

VIDEO | Living after confinement: 'I feel I can't be free'

Germany tax raids

Tax raids across Germany sparked by ICIJ revelations

Jean Claude Juncker

Lux Leaks confession: Jean-Claude Juncker admits he made ‘major mistake’

Jamee Cook, the founder of Breast Implant Victim Advocacy, speaks at the FDA hearing earlier this year.

Patients ‘discouraged’ as US announces it won’t ban cancer-linked breast implants

Lessons from inside the Implant Files

Lessons from inside the Implant Files

‘Get them all out!’ The Panama Papers connections to Algeria’s latest revolution

The Panama Papers in Ecuador: not even an earthquake could stop their reporting



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