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At the heart of our investigations is the hard work of ruthless local reporters around the world. These reporters, in all corners of the globe, often face pressure from high profile leaders and organizations, who can be empowered by draconian press freedom laws. But the ICIJ way, of working together, can hopefully help some of these journalists.


Reporter Ignace Sossou from Benin has been fined and given a suspended jail sentence after he revealed the offshore accounts and shell companies of a corporate titan. Sossou, who worked with us on the West Africa Leaks investigation, was found guilty of publishing “false news” under the country’s draconian press laws. 

"This decision clearly shows the desire of authorities in Benin to muzzle, or at least intimidate, any media with a critical voice,” said Amnesty International’s Fidèle Kikan.


If you’ve been reading our work since the 2016 Panama Papers investigation, you probably know the answer to this question. But, if you’re new to the ICIJ family and are wondering what the fuss is about when it comes to the Panama Papers then this is the story for you. We’ve answered a bunch of frequently asked questions ahead of the launch of the latest film based on the project. Got more questions? Hit reply and send me an email!


Remember our latest investigation, Mauritius Leaks? I thought I’d take this chance – while our team enjoy a much-earned summer holiday (in most parts of the world!) – to share this video about the investigation. See how it all started (a USB stick in the mail) and meet some of the reporters that worked with us on the investigation.


If you’re in or near Los Angeles, then I wanted to let you know about LA Press Freedom Week. We’ve teamed up with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (who you may remember donated to ICIJ two years ago), the Committee to Protect Journalists, and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press to celebrate press freedom. We’re screening the 2018 Panama Papers documentary, too.

Amy Wilson-Chapman
ICIJ’s community engagement editor

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