Hello Groups, Friends, Colleagues and Relatives:
After much work to give you the best videos of this conference possible, I am happy to say that they are now finally on sale. We still may need a couple of days or four to make them available but I am putting them up for pre-sale now. There are 15 videos in total, a great addition to anyone’s ozone library.
Please note that these videos are nothing like you have ever seen as the lecturers were told to make all their lectures one of a kind and talk about what has never been talked about on any other conference stage. So, this will not be another set of standard lecture videos but something completely different and you would all be wise to purchase them for your Ozone Library.
The lecturers are listed on the page and as well I am giving a 30% discount on all videos for at least two weeks and maybe more. The ones that interested me the most were the two Q and A videos. This was a panel discussion with lecturers answering questions from the audience so there is a wealth of information contained in those two but don’t kid yourself, they are all unlike I have ever seen and I am certain that anyone that attended the conference can tell you the true value of the lectures presented there.
So, if you would like to see the intros, they will be posted on You Tube here,, this will be the Ozone Without Borders You Tube Page. Also, they will be posted on the video purchase page which is here, I shall be adding another longer preview and will post it when ready.
Finally, I want to inform all of you that we will be giving away three incredible prizes donated to us by various groups that we are affiliated with. Three of you that have purchased videos, no matter how many will win these prizes. I shall announce these prizes next week but they will be nothing short of spectacular and worth far more than what you paid for these incredible videos never seen before on any conference stage. So, go to pick out the lecturers or videos that you would like to see and enjoy a unique experience.
If you have not done so already, support Ozone Without Borders and join, it is the only way that we can bring you these incredible and unique conferences and push advanced ozone therapies forward to achieving our ultimate goal, the inclusion of all oxidative therapies in modern medicine. We would never be able to do this without your support. We are the ONLY non-profit, neutral and forward thinking ozone society in the world that accepts and nurtures all oxidative therapies. Don’t forget, The Costa Rica Ozone Conference in April, 2019 for a second dose of never before heard lecturers and lecturers.
Make your voices be heard!

Peter Jovanovic PhD (Hon.), M.D.(A.M.) M.E.S.T.
Executive Director, Ozone Without Borders
Society for the Advancement of Bio-Oxidative Therapy
British Columbia Member Society (NGO) Reg.#S-0065264
PH# +1-604-501-6051 Canada
PH# +1-305-749-7410 USA
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“Ozone Therapy works - this is a scientific fact. If we could only remove human ego from the equations we would leap ahead in removing unnecessary settings on a mass scene and be able to save millions of lives.” – Prof. Peter

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