"We have always tried to source the best products to help you to find the most useful methods for your practice and we believe that this one will help you to achieve your goal in helping patients get well. I have over the years personally tested this product and I can safely say it is nothing short of brilliant. There is absolutely nothing like it anywhere. It has a fizzy soda pop type of taste and is absolutely refreshing. Get your patients on this proven product and watch the difference."

Prof. Peter
Executive Director
Ozone Without Borders

Introducing, "Doctor's Biome" Colon Health Smart Probiotics

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The Problem


What you likely didn’t know is that all probiotics in capsule, powder or tablet form may have been “alive at the time of manufacture” (appears on many labels legally) but they are in a so called “suspended animation” hoping to come back to life when hydrated. 

The answer:


After three years of research, we know why no one has until now produced a product of this kind. Many of the costly challenges we faced would normally have discouraged development completely.


Doctors Biome is special because:

  •       It tastes delicious! Children will love it!
  •       While only 4 gms. of natural occurring sugar at the time of manufacture (so very safe for diabetics) it will become slightly tart as the bacteria feed on the sugar that’s present.
  •       All the bacteria are “Living” not just alive at the time of manufacture.
  •       27 billion bacteria CFU’s (colony forming units) minimum per two ounce serving.
  •       All the bacteria are strong and healthy, growing in number, reproducing in number virtually every day. As it ages it becomes even more potent provided you don’t exceed its shelf-life.
  •       They are growing and living in a certified organic juice made up of: mint, kale, lettuce, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon juice.
  •       The juice is semi-filtered to retain fiber that will act as a prebiotic as well.
  •      All 15 strains of bacteria have been chosen from studies published on as being especially beneficial to help prevent and treat C. difficle and other intestinal diseases and conditions, not just aid digestion.
  •       Most of the strains were chosen as having a physical structure so as to be able to “stick to the wall”of the intestine to fight Candida overgrowth and destroy harmful bacteria that have colonized the gut.
  •       All the bacteria are patented, FDA approved for human consumption and had to be specially acquired at great cost.
  •       Only amber glass vials are used to prevent leaching of any chemicals from plastic and damage from light. Easy to recycle and taking up minimal room in a refrigerator. 
  •      Shelf stable for two months stored at room temperature (72F) and four months refrigerated. Do not allow to freeze or be heated.
  •       Two-ounce, daily, single dose servings to prevent contamination from air, common when opening and closing large containers.
  •       While acid stable to survive in the stomach, it is meant to be taken on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before eating to ensure transmission into the gut.
  •       Made in a “state of the art” facility in small batches to ensure quality control.
  •       Every batch laboratory tested for safety and FDA compliance.
Tested on hundreds of patients for over one year to prove efficacy.
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