Coltura Launches New Report Analyzing Gasoline Use in Unprecedented Detail

Today, Coltura launched its Gasoline Superusers 2.0 report, the most in-depth exploration of consumer gasoline use ever published. The report analyzes tens of millions of California vehicle records, blending those records with census, survey, gasoline price, and other data sources.

Alongside the report, Coltura has released an interactive map that provides zip-code level details on California gasoline consumption and expenditures, and a gasoline cost-savings calculator that will enable drivers who use a lot of gasoline to understand how they can save on total monthly costs by trading in their gas car for an EV.

The report and tools will help reduce vehicle emissions faster and provide relief to  gasoline-burdened families by spurring new policies to prioritize the switch to EVs of lower income drivers using the most gasoline.
In fact, the report's findings already inspired California bill AB 1267 which aims to expedite Superusers’ switch to EVs by targeting EV incentives to lower income gasoline superusers.

Today's Sacramento Bee covered the report . Here is our press release  announcing the report launch.

Enormous thanks to Coltura supporters for making this work possible.



See for yourself who uses the most gasoline in our new California interactive gasoline consumption heatmap. It provides zip-code-level details on gasoline consumption and expenditures, the first analysis of its kind. 

Join us for a Webinar
on Gasoline Superusers 2.0

April 18 at 11am Pacific time

Join Coltura’s Co-Executive Directors Matthew Metz and Janelle London to learn about our report findings and  our interactive gasoline map and:

  • How data opens new pathways to cutting gasoline use faster
  • Equity opportunities to help gasoline-burdened families
  • Promising policy developments in California

New California Legislation aims to help lower-income Gasoline Superusers

Recently-introduced California bill AB 1267 aims to expedite Superusers’ switch to EVs. The bill is sponsored by Assemblymember Phil Ting (San Francisco). It targets electric-vehicle incentives to those who most need them -- low and moderate-income drivers who use the most gasoline.
The bill passed the Assembly Transportation Committee with a unanimous vote on March 27. If it becomes law, it would be the first legislation linking EV incentives to drivers’ gasoline use.

have already taken the step.)

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