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Last month we launched a sexual health workshop, 'And Other Stories', which has been a great way for women to discuss and learn amidst the taboo subjects around sex, consent, pleasure and contraception. 

This month we raise the topic of Menopause and shed light on the "World Day Against Trafficking In Persons".

 The Yoga classes have come to an end but in its place is our Zumba and Body Combat classes to look forward to. 
We continue to highlight organisations in Nottingham with our Gender Based Violence Handbook titled, ‘What Happens When’, this month focusing on Equation and Nottingham Women's CenterSeries 3 of our Women of Nottingham podcast begins with an interview speaking to Vanessa McFarlane, and continues throughout July featuring special guests such as Rukhsana Aziz and Usha Sood,



Lets talk about menopause. There have been many discussions on menopause recently and we have so many questions, such as, should it be taught in schools? What effects does it have on the body, physically, mentally and emotionally? Should work places have a policy, making employers more aware of the menopause and how they can help employees, and do women feel comfortable speaking about their experience?

The majority of women will experience menopause at some point in their lives but what do we know about menopause? We are hoping that more women will share their stories, helping us showcase that there is more to menopause than the hot flushes or the "hot blooms" as they were known in the 18th century. 
Over the years the narratives of menopause in the media have focused on it being a medical problem to be solved and a problem to be made invisible. Menopause expert Laura Eldridge, suggests:

How your culture sees you, treats you and talks about you dictates how you live in that culture. Culture is our mirror and if we see withered crones in the glass, we feel useless and disposable. If however, we see energy and renewal, well, what does that feel like.

So how do we want to make menopause visible and take part in reframing the narrative that exists on this normal part of life? 
Rather than provide a false narrative of how amazing it is, we have asked some of you to share your varied experiences of menopause and we hope you will continue to do so:

"It was really easy, I didn't have any of the symptoms that they show on TV."

"I found it really hard to deal with and still do, I wake up in night sweats every now and then."

"I think it is hard on my partner and our sex life."

"I am comfortable talking about my experience of menopause, I didn't know much about menopause as a child or young adult until later on in my life, I knew people that were experiencing it and I gained a bit more knowledge, 

 I think schools should teach children about menopause along with all sex education and it would be nice if in workplaces, employers had some understanding of Menopause.

I knew it was coming and that is when I became more aware. I didn't know much about it until it was time really. I was getting older and a bit slower, apart from hot flushes and lack of concentration, I can't remember much pain. Work was my medicine, I pushed myself to keep moving, My doctor prescribed HRT but I chose not to take it, Not because I was worried about any side effects but because my personal choice has always been to take a more holistic approach when it comes to natural changes in my body. I changed my diet completely and now my health has improved a lot. Emotionally I would sometimes feel miserable but now I am past it and physically my body has broadened.

I stopped worrying about a lot of things that didn't really matter.
  I see it as a coming of age, a new era and that's a nice thing".


Women's Health

The social stigma that surrounds female sexuality means that most women keep their sexual needs repressed, impacting them both sexually and medically as they often avoid or are too embarrassed to talk about their sexual health with healthcare professionals. Sexual health is an integral part of our overall health, wellbeing, and quality of life, highlighting why women need to be more comfortable and able to talk openly on the subject. Alongside our And Other Stories workshop, we aim to gain a deeper understanding about why women feel unable to address these topics in order to create safe spaces to support each other, learn, and break the stigma surrounding women’s sexual health. 

We have created an anonymous survey to try to understand the barriers women experience in regards to relationships and sexual health.

3oth of July is World Day Against Trafficking In Persons. A day to give recognition to all of the people on the frontline against human trafficking.

'I Am All Girls'. A film that has been showing on Netflix is about the abduction and trafficking of young girls with a twist of revenge. Kidnapping, abduction and trafficking is a harsh reality that is happening all over the world, not just on our screens.

99 percent of people who are kidnapped and trafficked are girls and women, 80 percent are girls aged between 12-17. It is said to be a 150 billion-worth industry, an industry that should not exist in the first place. Our lives should mean more than financial gain. 

Recently a petition has been sent around to be signed and shared, with the hopes to reach parliamentary discussions, for something to be done about the atrocious crimes happening in London, surrounding the rise in abductions of black girls.
Please sign and share this petition,  "A Public inquiry into the causes surrounding missing Black people". We must get the subject heard and discussed in parliament, a response is not enough. You can read the Government response in the petition link. 

There must be something done and we must speak out to our children, family, friends and communities about safeguarding, and coming up with ways to keep safe. Talking about the dangers and grouping together can help protect ourselves, our children and deter young people from getting sucked into the illegal work of trafficking while waiting for the governments around the world to build on security, until then what can 'we' do to safeguard our children and teach them to protect themselves?

Women of Nottingham Podcast

Highlighting the remarkable and diverse stories of women in the city of  Nottingham.

'Women Of Nottingham' is a space to celebrate women and share their struggles, hopes and achievements. 

What Happens When?

A handbook on Gender Based Violence which no one should have to go through let alone go through in silence. Highlighting key services in the city of Nottingham you can turn to if you or someone you know experiences violence. This month we complet the series by have highlighting Equation and The Nottingham Women's Center.
Workshops, courses, activities and training

Our Workshops and classes are free, interactive and great for the mind and body.

For more information, to sign up to workshops, classes and join our sports WhatsApp Group (to stay up to date with our Women's Sports), please email us at

For more information and to join our English and Driving Theory classes, please email
Bespoke FGM Training and support

We offer bespoke FGM training and provide support to women who have been through FGM, their families and the wider community.


For more information please contact

Join our new classes in person and enjoy a session of Zumba

Beginning July 3rd 
Saturdays 2-3PM
(4 week duration)


Skillshare Workshop
Learn a new skill with our weekly workshops where you can learn new creative skills from women in your community! Previous workshops have included calligraphy, sewing and flower pressing and creative workshop. We look forward to sharing new skills this summer.
Walk and Talk group walks

Join our walk and talk on Sundays. It is a great way for Women to socialize together and spend some time outside of the home with the young ones and good company. Mothers are welcome to bring young children for the walk and talk. 

(Begins 8th of August Fortnightly)

Forest Recreational Grounds


English Class

Join in on the conversational English groups in which we work on improving our English language and conversation skills through reading, listening, speaking and grammar exercises. They are also a great place to meet and connect with new people! 

Beginners English:      Monday 9.30am - 11.30am 

Intermediate English: Tuesday
9.30am - 11.30am

Classes on hold for the summer holidays
26 July 2021 –

1 September 2021

'And Other Stories'

We are almost at the end of  of our  'And other stories' workshops. It is a safe space for women to discuss tabooed topics of sex, consent, pleasure and contraception. A space to gain knowledge and to ask questions. 

Body Combat

Join our new Body Combat classes in person 
Beginning June 26th 

(4 week duration)
Saturdays 2-3PM


Driving Theory

Pass your driving theory test with help and support. The driving theory course prepares people to pass the DVSA theory test with confidence. It includes both English language support and  financial support to help you cover the cost of the theory test. 

Wednesday & Thursday
9.30am - 11.30am

Classes on hold for the summer holidays
26 July 2021 –

1 September 2021

Feedback From Attendees

Driving Theory
"The course has really helped me to build my confidence in learning and has helped me to believe in
myself. The course is very detailed and answers all the questions related to the theory test. I always
made notes and I used these notes to revise for my test. I passed my test first time. A lot of my
family passed second time or more. I passed the first time because the course really helped me to
learn effectively and I recommend this course to anyone that can take it. Thank you very much for
your help and support".

"For me the highlight of the workshop was the film. It was very moving and thought-provoking hearing about other people’s experiences and how they can shape a person’s life. At times the film was sad and hard to watch but their stories need to be told".

 For more information visit our website using the links, or pick up a copy of our magazine.
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